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Comment Re:Time to lock and load (Score 1) 861

A blacklist. Stop seeing movies by studios and directors who pull this shit. Or pirate them in ways they can't track. It isn't that hard to obtain a movie without BT these days. Let the stupid get caught using BT, it's not your problem. But hey, if you want to go commit murder because someone else got themselves in trouble, go for it.

Comment Roomba - the nemesis of cats everywhere (Score 1) 79

I actually thought about getting a Roomba, but then I thought of my cats living their lives with hunted looks... Then I imagined the thing firing up for a scheduled cleaning and roaring out from under the bed, my cats driven before it as it manically cleans the house. Until that point I had never cycled the contents of an entire coke can through my nose.

Comment Re:Anonymous is winning (Score 1) 328

Protesting, free speech, videos and spreading the truth about them. Seriously, look up some of the anonymous vids on youtube. The scilons get butthurt a lot over simple free speech. Want a good example? Look up John Carmichael on youtube. He is the head of the New York city org. You'll see him trying to do what the scilons call "bullbaiting" anons. Trying to troll people expert in trolling isn't generally very effective and at one point he gets so mad he sneers, "I smell pussy" at them. It's a riot to watch. At one point John leans up against a building looking sulky and one of the anons says, "Come on guys, he's had a hard day" upon which another equips, "He's stalking us, of course he's going to have a hard day". That's just one small example of how nuts the protesting has driven them.

Comment Anonymous is winning (Score 5, Interesting) 328

Anonymous has done a lot since the early days of prank calls and whatnot. The legal protests as well as other actions by Anonymous (also legal) have delivered a crushing and unprecedented blow to Scientology. Anon has probably done more to fuck them over than even the FBI did at the end of the 1970's. Now because of Anon, there is massive negative media coverage of the scilons. Hollywood is rebelling against them and more and more celebs are walking away or saying no. And on top of all that, now the Australian government is taking a hard look at Scientology as a criminal organization with a Senator actually denouncing them in open Parmiment. Anonymous has enabled many ex-scientologists to speak out as well as family of those still inside to seek communication with their loved ones without fear of reprisal. Anonymous enabled this by breaking the back of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs and has them so tied up, they can't prioritize which targets to go after and have lost their effectiveness almost entirely. After nearly 2 years of this, only one conviction against an anon and for a lowly DDOS attack that happened in the early few weeks of the movement is a testament to how good Anonymous is at staying within the law. Sure it may cut out some form of lulz, but we have found that action against the Scientologists that hurts them but leaves us legally untouchable generates way more lulz because it leaves them no lawful recourse against us.

Comment MS going same way as Sun? (Score 2, Interesting) 131

Anyone remember when Sun suddenly added Yahoo toolbar, on by default btw, to the main installers and later even the upgrade installers of Java? When I first saw that, I had a suspicious that either someone at Sun made a very bad marketing decision, or things were not going well on the Sun balance sheets. Turned out to be the latter. Could Microsoft be showing the first signs of financial desperation with this stunt, or is this just someone's stupid move?

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