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Comment Meanwhile George Soros is laughing (Score -1, Troll) 391

This fraudster put nearly $200 million into the pockets of shills pushing this effort so the Internet can be transferred from American to U.N. control. Guess who is now going to be held hostage to the U.N.? Every man, woman and child who depend on the Internet for: Communication, Sales, Product distribution, Entertainment, Health information, Education, News, and Operation of equipment. The Internet has become so integral to life today, I'm actually kind of happy this happened. Now I have an excuse to put my brain back to work coming up with new fresh ideas to completely ditch my reliance on the Internet. I won't pay a tax that goes to George Soros and friends...period, end of story. I'll start a new business, start paying with cash again, trading, buying local, trading services with people in my area... this is awesome the more I think about it. Fuck the FCC, George, and the Internet...they can have it.. it's nothing but a porn hub, a conduit for thieves and disinformation, and consumes too much of my families time as they're glued to their chairs fixated on brain fodder. THANK YOU FCC!!! The Internet is now dead....Sign Off @#$VFSDrf0 --- NO CARRIER

Comment You can beat cancer... (Score 1) 698

Doctors told me when I developed Atrial Fibrillation at 34 years old that I would have to be on beta blockers/anti-arrhythmia meds, statins, and anticoagulants the rest of my life. I told them thanks for the diagnosis, I'll take care of the cure myself.... and I did. My point is, cures happen every day. They do not come from the medical cartel / hospital setting. How bad do you want to live? If you truly want to live, and will do absolutely anything to get your health back... walk away from your cancer doctors who have condemned you to die, and listen carefully to what I'm about to say. This post will be heavily criticized by paid shills, people who work for the medical industry, and general deniers that don't believe in natural healing. I won't bother reading their posts, because this is for YOU. 1. You didn't get sick overnight, and the cure will also not happen overnight. (3-6 months is typical to start feeling better, 18-24 months is typical to recover almost completely, but you'll need to be committed to the plan the rest of your life.) Pancreatic cancer usually takes 15-20 years of growth before people detect they have it. You are at the tail end, so you need to go into survival mode and do a complete about-face to have a chance at reviving your organs. 2. Stop poisoning your body. Both your mind, your soul, and your body need cleansing immediately. If it doesn't grow in dirt or swim in the sea, don't put it in your mouth. If it's not "living", or pure mineral water, do not consume it. You and your wife take turns Googling and researching the works of Max Gerson (Gerson Therapy), Dr Linus Pauling, Dr. Stanislaw (Stan) Burzynski. Read about Ozone therapy, Laetrile, IV-C (Intravenous Vitamin C), etc. If it's been label "quackery", GREAT it means you're on to something. Learn how to juice fresh organic vegetables... go easy on the fruit, they contain fructose which is sugar and sugar feeds cancer. 3. Never put a piece of refined/processed ANYTHING in your mouth at least for the next 24 months. You want to live? Don't do it. 4. Restore your colon health, read about the Gerson Therapy and if you have the means, perhaps visit the clinic to get properly educated. If not, learn to do the coffee enemas by following their protocol and work with a local Functional Medicine/Holistic medicine practitioner in your area to make sure you are detoxing properly, and getting enough of the restorative nutrients in diet or supplement form. When I got sick the medical cartel took me for over $30k and I was QUICKLY going downhill. I felt like my body had about 2 weeks worth of fight left. I took 3 months off from my career to get my health back and I found a local Functional Medicine physician to help me fill in the knowledge gaps. Total cost, $2500 after testing and supplements and I was quickly getting my health back. Start here and search in your area: https://www.functionalmedicine... . I spent 60 hours a week educating myself, and working on my health during those months. It was that important. 5. Your mind is crucial in winning this fight. Get at least 8 hours sleep every night, no matter what for the next several months. When you wake up, start your day by planting your feet outside (climate permitting) and getting some full morning sun for 15-20 minutes. Go barefoot in your house w/o socks if you can't go outside, and open up the blinds to let the sun inside. The sun's rays will help you get Vitamin D, and provide warmth and energy. Do some deep diaphragmatic breathing in the morning, and at least every 2 hours throughout the day.... google it if you've never done it. It will help your autonomic nervous system, and feed your cells the oxygen they desperately need. At the first sign of tension, find a quiet spot in your house or office to lay flat on the floor arms at your side for 5 minutes of proned out diaphragmatic breathing and deep relaxation. If you can't lay down, do it standing up with some long stretches... yoga poses can be create to quickly de-stress. Tension means stress, and your body is already overwhelmed with stressers.. you have to reverse this immediately. 6. Do not allow others to detract or sway you from your mission. Their input is meaningless, if you want to live. Actor Michael Landon had pancreatic cancer. He went on the Gerson Therapy and very quickly started recovering, and even did an interview on the "Tonight Show". The medical establishment went nuts over this and his doctors warned him to quit the Gerson Therapy. When he eventually gave in his progress reversed course and he died. Shortly before his death he was quoted as saying he should have stayed on the Gerson therapy. Powerful outside influences will call you crazy, and try to dispel the research that this disease does not have to end your life. "A natural cure" for cancer ends their business. This is your life, not theirs. 7. Take the time to read through these articles: http://www.naturalnews.com/ In the search bar, type pancreatic cancer. They have tons of information. Use all of it that makes sense to you. Remember, when using real food to heal your body, your cells regenerate between 30-90 days. Nothing happens immediately, but you will start feeling better within weeks. If you are a sugar/junk food addict, the first 2 weeks are tough, but after that you're home free. Also, when you are going through detox your body will literally feel like you are coming off of drugs. Suck it up, it's normal. Work with a Functional Medicine practitioner because this is "their normal", you want an expert on the whole human body, not some so called "expert" who matches drugs to symptoms like a high school quiz. 8. Ditch all the toxins you're putting on your body, stop drinking water out the tap, keep your showers short, DETOX by SWEATING your ass off every day. It was the hardest thing for me to go from sitting at a desk (in geek hell) for 8 hours a day, to now having my "desk" on my treadmill. I walk, jog, stand while I work..rarely do I sit...sitting kills your metabolism, which leads to fat storage. Fat stores toxins, the best way to get rid of toxins is to sweat it out (through working out or sauna) and eating a lot of raw unprocessed fiber. After you sweat, take a quick shower. If you live in a major city where there's a lot of smog/pollution, that stuff gets in your hair, on your cloths, in your lungs, etc. You've got to completely reverse course. What you did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.... got you sick. Don't give up man, screw what those doctors say and take it as a personal challenge. http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com... Educate yourself in biology, environmental toxins, food toxins, and don't allow your mind to think you're done. You are not done. You are NOT done. You are only done when you say you're done. You are NOT done.

Comment Rest assured friends (Score 1) 234

NSA already has the capability to decrypt anything commercially available put in front of them. CALEA just gives other agencies access to similar information, but through more transparent channels (SNMP provisioning of traffic mirroring in ISP backbone routers). NSA is actually NOT the brain trust of our government when it comes to IT/Network security. The most talented group of technologists actually work for USAF Central Command. My opinion, of course. If I were sitting on a tank of gasoline hung over a bonfire, and the only way I escaped was if a security expert broke the payload of some piece of data transiting the globe, I would want a guy from USAF CentCom working on the challenge. Not saying NSA analysts aren't capable, but I'd trust those guys over an outsourced NSA contractor any day of the week.

Comment We are know large companies screen out Americans.. (Score 1) 253

HR in Fortune 1000 to 100 exist solely to protect the company from lawsuits, and to screen out qualified Americans in favor of cheaper Visa riders looking for a path to citizenship. I know of a fella from Russian who quit his job 1 hour after securing his citizenship...walked off the job without so much as a fuck you. Americans get screwed out of gainful employment, immigrants flood the market and bring their families over to suck on the govt teet, and the shareholders are happy they get their dividends while the unemployment/disability rolls continue to climb. I can't wait to get rid of Obama's America and go back to Reagan's America.

Comment I think it's halarious (Score 1) 130

folks here in the upper 1% of collective intelligence are arguing about what's the best method for the Oligarchs to track us, our purchases, and our movements. Screw accounts, numbers, tokens, plastic, binary 1's and 0's in a computer....Why not barter our time and talents? Why not use cash? Why force small retailers to pay for a transaction some financial entity has no business profiting from, much less knowing about. I pay cash for just about everything, and the things I do purchase electronically are done with prepaid cards. I don't wear a tin foil hat, but the less the banksters, Oligarchs, and hackers know about me...the better.

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