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Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy S8 Flagship Smartphone Won't Have a Headphone Jack: Report ( 360

Samsung is planning to ditch headphone jack in its next flagship smartphone, called the Samsung Galaxy S8, reports SamMobile, a Samsung-focused blog that has a pretty good track record with these things. From the report: Removing the 3.5mm headphone jack enables Samsung to make the Galaxy S8 thinner while also freeing up more space inside for a bigger battery. Samsung may also integrate stereo speakers which some believe will be made in collaboration with Harman, a company that Samsung is acquiring for $8 billion.

Comment Re:Despite how funny this is, it IS serious (Score 1) 154

What about the approval of his countrymen? We (the United States) do not necessarily agree with everything that Angela Merkel or David Cameron does, but they remain in power. And there are countries without nuclear weapons and missiles. We may not agree with everything that Luis Guillermo Solís, Juan Carlos Varela, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf or Ernest Bai Koroma (none have nuclear weapons, ICBMs and all were popularly-elected) do, yet they stay in power and there is no threat to their position from the United States or from other countries.

The idea that you have to "rattle a saber" in order to stay in power is foolish. Only despots have to develop a system of force to gain, consolidate and remain in a position of power. And that is what makes North Korea not funny.

Comment Despite how funny this is, it IS serious (Score 5, Interesting) 154

Watching North Korea fail, and do so repeatedly is really funny. What is not funny is their determination. I note that others are suggesting that their rocket scientists are probably short-lived, as are their nuclear scientists. Nonsense. Kim Jong Un does offer special favors for those persons who are successful but a nuclear scientist or a rocket scientist are unlikely to challenge him or his heirs to government positions of power. They are scientists, not political operatives and, thus, are seen as commodities to be used, not existential challenges to be met.

The determination they are showing that they will do everything in their power, including starve their people, in order to produce weapons of mass-destruction is the real takeaway here. While I am happy at their repeated failures, I am not happy at their persistence.

Comment Re:Why use a mouse at all? (Score 2) 100

Any platform requirements would have been useful in the original question. On Linux, USB gamepads can make xinput events. I only ever cared about it for the sake of disabling it, but the discussion in this Ubuntu bug may help get started on the right track. Basically you'll need xserver-xorg-input-joystick installed and may need to do some xinput set-props work (see starting around comment 24 there.)

"Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms 397

mi (197448) writes You heard the scare-mongering, you heard the governors and mayors closing public transit and declaring driving on public roads a crime. But it turned out to have been a mistake. Boston may have been hit somewhat, but further South — NYC and Philadelphia — the snowfall was rather underwhelming. Promised "2-3 feet" of snow, NYC got only a few inches. Is this an example of "better safe than sorry," or is government's overreach justified by questionable weather models exceeding the threshold of an honest mistake?

Comment Re:Simple, block all ads (Score 1) 97

well I got skooled here. I did not know that AdBlock did block Google Text ads. The versions I have pass them by default.

But they are not fraudulent. The ones that are listed at the top of search, Google places on a yellow background, so you know that they are not natural search. The rest are to the right of natural search and are clearly labeled. Furthermore, Google examines all landing pages from these ads and makes certain that the stuff in the ads relates to the stuff on those pages. If it doesn't, Google quits showing the ads.

I do know this because I do work with clients and try to get the most out of their non-display advertisements. I do not think what my clients are doing is fraudulent. Additionally, I work with them to try to increase the amount of information on their websites so that natural search works, as well.

Comment Graph is search results, not speed measurements. (Score 4, Interesting) 281

Exactly! The methodology is incorrect. And, after having spoken with the good people at AT&T (that's right, buy at the sign of the Death Star) it is the Telcos that are responsible for slow-downs, not the telephone makers.

Why? The Telcos want you using the latest tech so that you will have a two-year contract with them that you cannot easily get out of without paying them lots of money. This keeps you "loyal." And it gets you on the treadmill of upgrades that ensures your loyalty. So what the telcos do is that they "sunset" technology that supports the older phones. And all of their upgrades on their cell towers (which usually aren't really towers that much any more) support new radios and signaling, not the old stuff.

So blame Apple and Samsung all you want, but it's the Telcos that are responsible for slowing down the older tech, not the manufacturers.

Comment Simple, block all ads (Score 4, Informative) 97

You (and Greyfox) do not seem to understand what Google Ads are. They are, for the most part, not the display advertisements one tends to see on websites. Instead, they are textual only and associated with search or with websites that open up space on their site for text ads.

Ad Blocking software allows them to show and always has. And that is because they are unobtrusive and not annoying.

All of my browsers have some kind of ad-block technology in them. And the Google text ads show just fine, thank you.

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