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Comment Emergency by Neil Strauss (Score 1) 562

Neil Strauss, the guy who wrote the book "The Game", also wrote a survival book of sorts for the modern age. There's an outline in there somewhere that describes how you should be prepared to GTFO if your country is screwed (either politically or environmentally). You'll need a second passport, some wildlife skills and a way to run your business on auto-pilot for passive income. It's an interesting read, but not a manual for us geeks.

Comment Re:What I learned... (Score 1) 270

Use Google to search for torrent files. Thanks for the heads up. :) Honestly though Torrentz have jumped the shark so to speak. Most people I know have moved on to other means of file sharing. Anytime I download a torrent file I get a nasty email from my ISP stating that I was flagged for copyright infringement by a third party.

Public trackers are just that: public trackers. Your IP will be listed as a leecher/seeder.

Protip: don't forget about encryption.

Comment Solutions Database (Score 4, Interesting) 239

For individuals or for business, the site could offer alternatives and/or solutions to common problems. It can also promote open standards for others to follow.

e.g. replacement Office suite = Libre Office, ProTools = Audacity, SAP ERP = OpenTaps, OpenBravo, etc.

You can setup case studies to advocate the use of open source software and solutions.

This wouldn't just apply to software. You can also throw in hardware designs too (I'm thinking Arduino stuff).

A source of income could be companies that advertise on the site, offering their expertise in setting up open source business systems.

Comment Virtualization to the rescue (Score 4, Interesting) 705

I run web servers for a few dozen clients, and rebooting a remote machine was always scary. There was the possibility that something might not boot up during startup (e.g. SSHd) and I would be locked out. I would then have to travel to my data center downtown (about 30 minutes away) and troubleshoot the problem. Since I don't have 24/7 access to the DC (I don't have enough business with the DC to warrant an owned security pass...) I have to wait until they open to the general clientèle in the morning.

With ESXi, however, I'm not that scared anymore. If something does go wrong, I have a console to the VM through vCenter client (the application that manages virtual machines on the server). It's happened once where a significant upgrade of FreeBSD 7.2 to 8.1 was problematic. Coincidentally, it was because I didn't upgrade the VMware tools (open-vmware-tools port). Nonetheless, I managed to fix the problem through vCenter.

This is why I love virtualization in general. It's making managing servers easier for me.

Comment ebooks make seeders money (Score 2) 195

I've downloaded a few e-books (PDFs) and upon opening them, were greeted with the seeder's or creator's homepage (or affiliate URL). One of the books I downloaded was about day trading. The person who put together the PDF injected his homepage and services in the first 2 pages of the book. Does he make money? Who knows. Does he get a few visits to his website for a bit of work? Yup.

Comment Re:Paywall sites are going to be hit pretty hard (Score 1) 345

It says Google will manually check sites once enough data is gathered by users. They may just white-list EE since they are somewhat useful.

Which leads me to the following question: why is everyone here against EE? Is it because they attempt to charge you for the answer?

Has anyone ever scrolled down the page to see the answers? I'm not trolling. I've never paid a dime and always got an answer... irrelevant to whether it was right or wrong.

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