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Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

Wrong. Very very wrong.
Third parties wither on the vine in this country for a reason. The system is effectively set up to handle only two candidates for president. We don't even handle ties in the Electoral College very well.
If you want more than two parties to have any chance at all, you'd have to move to a parliamentary system, complete with a prime minister. Good luck.

Comment Re:government science = more money gravy train (Score 5, Insightful) 347

There's no nice way to put this: You are totally fucking stupid.

You have no idea how much dedicated scientists get paid (damn little, especially when you consider the education required to become one). Or how much actual work is involved (a huge amount, one that only someone truly dedicated to their field could ever possibly tolerate).

I know this because I came extremely close to heading back to grad school for a Ph.D., and I would have taken an 85% pay cut for the privilege (for a minimum of four years). And those I know who did take the plunge, got the three letters, endured the low-paying post-doc fellowship, and managed to latch onto an associate professorship.. got very tired very quickly. Tired of hustling for whatever precious grant money they could, and not doing the work they were trained to do, and left academia altogether.

So, Sparky, I would strongly recommend turning off Fox News, leaving your trailer, and enjoying some fresh air.

Comment When will Volt tech be used for an SUV? (Score 2) 229

I really like the technology behind the Volt. But I'm very disappointed that it's a sedan. If it had a little extra cargo room (like, say, a Honda CR-V), I would have bought one yesterday.

Alas, the only car that comes close to fitting my requirements (cargo space, chargeable + hybrid tech) is the Audi A3 e-tron, which isn't available in the States yet (and it's really only a hatchback). The only other (distant) contender IMO is the Lexus RX450h, which, while roomy enough, isn't chargeable, gets not-too-stellar mileage, and is priced absurdly.

Those of us who need a commuter car with extra space that has the option (not the requirement, the option) of running on battery power for a decent stretch have been left behind. The Volt's technology would be awesome in a small SUV form factor.

Why hasn't anyone bothered to look into this?

Comment Re:Rand Paul's a plagiarizing misogynistic racist (Score 1) 533

Diversity and inclusion are tools for gathering ideas, not for determining their acceptance or rejection.

If we follow your argument to its conclusion, anyone's beliefs are valid by virtue of being diverse (or needing to be inclusive). Are you failing to "respect my diversity" if you don't believe my claim that there are ants on the moon?

(Ad hominem attacks are a logical fallacy. So is, as you're putting it, ad hominem respect.)

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