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Comment Re:That's not why he resigned (Score 1) 895

Fake news had a very specific meaning, which is propaganda consisting of outright lies masquerading as real news to influence public opinion in a given way....

The middle of your "fake news" definition is correct, but you've tacked on a few unnecessary qualifiers; it is simply "outright lies masquerading as real news". It doesn't have to be propaganda, and it doesn't have to have a specific public opinion shifting goal.

Comment Re:Make sure the H1Bs are paid $100k (Score 1) 834

If you make sure an H1B holder is paid over $100k a year the abuses will stop.

Or require them to be paid the average prevailing wage of the position in the CEO's MSA.

Either one will kill large chunks of the body-shop industry.

Lastly, put in a bounty program for body shops that use B1 visa holders for body shopping. Reporters get 40% of the imposed fine, which is a multiple of the salary delta between the body shoppers and the equivalent FTE.

I could cheat either system easily:

If you set a minimum pay, no matter what the level, have the foreign contract company who "owns" that employee to pay a fee for the privilege of keeping their job. They still make a good wage, from their perspective, if perhaps not as much as the USA intended. The foreign asset (or outsourcing company like Tata) kicks back a portion of that money to the corporation who holds the visa (or charges a lower contract fee), and everybody wins. This sort of thing is probably illegal with current USA labor laws, but either cut the jobs of regulators who are supposed to be watching for this sort of corruption, or we get rid of that pesky labor law... in the name of cutting useless regulation and bureaucracy.

If you base wages off CEO's home district, then clearly we need to place a subcontracting CEO in a low-pay district. Maybe we can set up a bunch of straw CEOs in Appalachia (jobs for coal miners!) and create a market where all the H-1B visa earners are well above the district's market value.

As long as the system appears to have been fixed (no regulators to check it, and no one trusts the media when they report it is broken), the people will be happy. Maybe throw in a periodic ritual sacrifice of an H-1B shell company to show you're working hard to stamp out corruption.

Comment Re:OK, help me out... (Score 1) 834

I'll admit it took us by surprise that a politician (new to it or not) didn't lie.

Isn't it sad how corrupt politics has become that it actually surprises us to see a President attempt to actually deliver on his promises?

So, what you're saying is you apparently have forgotten the start of any other presidency, governorship, or other political term. Everyone comes in trying to change things and implement their new agenda. They meet with mixed success, depending on how much of the rest of government is behind them. That's part of the "checks and balances" system. Trump is coming in harder and faster than usual by bypassing the legislative process and going strait into executive fiat mode. Just as quickly, balance of power is hitting back to let him know that isn't (or shouldn't be) how it works.

If you think he is more honest than other politicians, again you haven't been paying attention; he simply lies more boldly. He knows that his supporters will accept strongly-worded "alternate facts" more easily than the carefully worded, weaselly, technically true or unverifiable statement of a skilled politician.

All that aside, I hope that his H-1B changes are more effective and thoughtful than his previous executive actions. This is a system that could use some fixing, but I suspect bold meddling will just create a mess. We'll have to see what the final order looks like.

Comment Re:uhm (Score 2) 244

Is this the young earth creationist wet dream, that would make it possible for the earth to be 5000 years old?

Definitely not new. I remember reading an article back in the late '80s that followed that line of thinking: that C is constant now, but was faster when first measured, allowing a magical curve that placed earth's age between 5,700 and 10,000 years old.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 142

However VW denies the vehicles have software designed to cheat tests.

Instead the company says that cars with the 3.0 litre diesel V6 engines "had a software function which had not been adequately described in the application process".

If VW wants to get past this scandal, they really need to adopt a full-transparency, maximum mea culpa stance right now, and this kind of statement does not appear to be helping. If there's a software function that seems to the EPA to be cheating on emissions tests, well, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

The defense they appear to be using goes like this: The law says the cars must pass this specific test, but it doesn't say the cars have to perform according to those emission standards the rest of the time. Therefore, our actions (or the actions of our rogue engineers) are morally wrong, but not legally wrong. We're sorry, and will fix our reprehensible (but not illegal) actions without opening ourselves up to criminal liability.

Comment flight data vs. eyewitness (Score 3, Insightful) 620

The interesting question, to me, is whether or not it was actually flying below the treeline. From TFA, the drone's owner presented flight data showing that the drone was not below the treeline, but the man who shot the drone down had two eyewitnesses saying it was lower. If we have altitude readings and video footage, it seems to me those should be able to trump eyewitnesses (assuming that data is complete and not suspect). That's why people are pushing to put bodycams on police, for example.

Comment Re:Well that settles it then (Score 1) 138

How far does this "character" concept extend? Do you need permission to sell your home-made stormtrooper costume? Do stealth airplanes and the "invisible" flying aircraft carrier violate the "character" of Wonder Woman's invisible airplane? Are you allowed to sell your Pontiac Firebird after installing a K.I.T.T. kit?

Comment Re:correlation != causation (Score 1) 545

Since the only numbers provided in the article were alarmist figures on the current number of kids exposed to video games and violent media (which might be part of the data, but certainly aren't part of the study results), it's a bit difficult to tell what they were looking at with this research. Without some concrete information, this is just a piece of unsupported propaganda.

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