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Journal Journal: Karma: Bad, Moderation: Lousy

Due to my frivolous record for most consecutive Slashdot posts, my journal entry about setting Slashdot records and being 1337 and some misguided souls who modded my totally on-topic post -1, Offtopic and Redundant, my Karma is now Bad.

At the same time some of my insightful, informative and funny posts were not moderated at all. Are Slashdot moderators just overwhelmed or are there more and more incompetent and ignorant people moderating out of their asses? Moderation is becoming something arbitrary, something geared towards reducing fluff instead of promoting quality. It's not just underrated and negatively rated posts, it goes the other way too, there seem to be a lot of posts that are overrated, like this one I posted on Friday. Sure, it's funny, but +5, Funny? Not to me and judging by what gets modded +5, Funny and +5, Insightful I have to conclude that there are far too many kids on Slashdot. Maybe it's time to start, which would cater to the kiddie crowd.

This is not about my karma turning bad, it's about bad moderation because of which one has to read most of the posts if one really wants to find all the relevant, informative and funny ones. Some of the best posts are left unmoderated and that just defeats the purpose of moderation, it's only an illusion giving people a false sense of quality control.

Well, Slash has not changed in a significant way in eons and it's more than obvious that there is a need for an improved moderation system. But maybe the Slashdot editors are becoming more like Microsoft, why bother with innovation when you can have more monkeys doing arbitrary moderation?

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Journal Journal: Setting Slashdot records and being 1337

Yesterday I set the record for most consecutive Slashdot posts (6) and today I posted a comment with the ID 11513371 (I-is-leet-1), which also happens to be the first post. Because of that someone seems to think I'm an editor here, but I really am not and if you claim otherwise I will mod you down so hard that nobody will ever even know you ever posted on Slashdot. I'm looking forward to seeing my freaks page fill up and observing what adding me to your foes does to your karma.

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