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Comment All kinds of smart phones (Score 3, Insightful) 79

for a semi-complete list of smart phones that DISA is looking at, check here: (A simple google search takes you right there).

That being said, IT infrastructure needs to expand and accommodate smart phones, both in the commercial and military world. You can only say NO for so long before everyone starts hearing "640K should be enough for anybody".

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 243

matter != mass.

energy stored (and accounted for as mass) goes to heat, as soon as your ebook reader cools down, the added "mass" is dissipated as entropy.

You're saying that because you can calculate the wavelength of a mac truck barreling down the highway, that it should behave as a wave when meeting an oncoming "wave" that is barreling down the highway. Which it doesn't, thus disproving a photon's behavior as a particle on the quantum scale.

Thus successful "troll" (attempt at humor) is successful and this reply is WOOOSHed...

Comment Unbundle "Skype" (Score 4, Interesting) 63

You don't think that microsoft is actually going to use the skype brand in office? No! They already have an IM/voice suite previously known as office communicator, now Lync. What microsoft is going to do is continue to produce Skype skinned IM clients for the masses (powered by Lync), while gutting the IP and integrating skype's P2P voice pathing (and other goodness) in its own products.

Comment Why do people view twitter as a non-subset? (Score 1) 59

Twitter's capabilities (follow, retweet, etc) have all been copied and become a subset of the features available on just about any collaboration suite (Facebook, google+). I've even seen it hacked into microsoft sharepoint. Why is the ability to publish a small message constantly defined as being separate from the standard features of most social sites? Just because they were first doesn't mean that we need to keep mentioning them. It's like being unable to not mention ford whenever an assembly line is brought up.

TL:DR: Twitter has become a subset of the modern web, quit mentioning it unless you are referring to microblogging or Twitter (with a capital T).

Comment Re:Prior art? (Score 2) 149

How is this different from those glowing Chineese pigs or those neon tetras with unnatural colors that are illegal in California?

Those involved taking a gene that created a naturally created protein using naturally occurring amino acids and then injected them, frankenstein style into another animal. These take an artificially modified gene that uses an artificial amino acid to create worms that glow. Did you read TFS?

Comment Re:What are the derivatives? (Score 1) 210

I've not followed what has happened with previous id releases. What have people done with them?

Mostly ported them to linux. Although there have been total conversions, such as tremulous, world of padman, and urban terror. I'm not aware of any non-game uses like medical imaging, 3d printer "print previews" or anything like that.

Comment Multiple copies (Score 0) 397

If you're worried about long term reliability, try a raid-1 array of a spinning drive mirrored against an SSD. Make monthly backups to optical. That way, if your SSD fails, you still have two other options. This would probably be the most affordable method us mere mortals could have to hope to store long term data with a pretty good reliability. Unless you can get your hands on a second hand tape drive and some 500g tapes.

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