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Comment Re:Thank you LG! (Score 1) 376

It is not so cut and dry. Suing a manufacturer for security vulnerabilities means that you can sue other industries e.g. lock manufacturers for break-ins, car manufacturers for car theft, etc. which is unrealistic.

That said, I am all for legislation that forces manufacturers to fix any known security vulnerabilities.

Comment Re:Why don't Canadians get any of this cool stuff? (Score 5, Insightful) 54

I don't know why people keep repeating this bullshit. Wait times depend on severity, which makes sense, otherwise more people would die. Have you been to an emerg in a Canadian hospital? Idiots come there for minor cuts and scrapes and then whine about the 4 hour wait time. When my dad had a bypass, he saw his doc one week, the cardiologist the same week, and had the surgery within 2 weeks (and that was by choice, they we willing to operate on him within days). Conversely, when we went to have non-urgent knee surgery, it took 3 months which was fine by him. One saved his life, the other made it more comfortable, all for $0.

Comment Re:Do whatever the f. you want with VPNs... (Score 2) 67

You seem like one of those people who would say "Look at country XYZ wasting money investing in space travel/launches while half their people are starving". Just because someone cares about ethics doesn't mean that they should spend every last dollar on charity. It sucks that the world is divided economically as it is today, but people in better off parts shouldn't have to feel guilty about spending a little on themselves; cerainly not for the small amount (in developed countries) that Netflix costs.

Comment Re:Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! .... (Score 1) 315

Yes, the reported MILLINEWTON thrust was surely the missing link to warp drive.

The discovery, if real, would have not gotten us warp speed. The parent posted said "relativistic" speed, which means close to c, but not higher than c. If this discovery were true, then that implication absolutely holds as we would then have a mechanism where we could gain speed without need for a propellant.

Submission + - Red Hat welcomes CentOS to the family (

An anonymous reader writes: Red Hat, Inc, (NYSE: RHT), and the CentOS Project today announced they are joining forces to build a new CentOS, completing the whole Red Hat Linux story, from Fedora through RHEL to CentOS.

Submission + - All New Kindle Paper White (

An anonymous reader writes: To be certain, there is no shortage of awesome electronic gadgets on the market nowadays — and if you are the sort of person who enjoys your toys, you probably have a list of gadgets you would like to pick up; of course, one of the most exciting "gadgets" available on the market these days is one you may own already, and that is the Kindle

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