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Comment Re:Completely valid (Score 1) 1799

Votes being bought is a problem with our voting system and with government - any concentration of power like that is liable to be bribed or bought like that.

As for everything being able to be bought and sold, why is that a problem? If I need food and could sell my vote to keep my children fed for another month, isn't that worth it?

And I challenge you to name one monopoly that came into being without government interference - maintaining a monopoly is damn hard when you're not being legislated for.

Comment Re:Completely valid (Score 1) 1799

There is nothing wrong with capitalism, the problem is that government exists and is easy to corrupt. If people kept a closer eye on the fed and made sure they were doing a very few specific things, everyone would be much better off. Do you really think 400 families could have accumulated that wealth without bribing some officials in D.C. at some point or another?

Comment Re:Completely valid (Score 1) 1799

Note that I don't feel strongly one way or another on the protests - from what I've heard the people are justly angry but are focusing it on the wrong people and are asking for the wrong change. It's likely that if they get legislation passed then they will be making the government clamp down on the businesses - which is just as bad, but in the other direction.

Comment Re:Completely valid (Score 1, Insightful) 1799

The problem isn't wealth distribution, it's the fact that the government can regulate the industry and just print money and give it to the corporations. With a central point of failure (the federal government) it's easy for business to become corrupt.

Treat the source, not the symptom. Get the federal government back to doing the (very) few things that it is mandated to by the constitution.

As for Obama, he didn't really remember much of his campaign platform after he was elected last time, I don't see why it'd be different this time.

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