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Comment How about... (Score 1) 518

adding everybody that to the "at death" organ donor list and giving them an option to opt-out? Of course it would have to be ruled out that the person was killed for the sake of the organ donation. Other safe guards would have to be put in place too, but you get the point.

What kind of asshole would opt-out of donating their usable organs after death to those in need? The dead person wouldn't be needing the organs anyway...

Comment Depends who we're talking about (Score 1) 418

Freedesktop, ubuntu, microsoft, C++ and most likely many more, just have an incredibly shitty and incomplete documentation. Operating system components in general have bloody aweful documentation! Gnome and the free desktop project have me constantly shouting at the screen for despicable lack of documentation.

Java with their javadoc, python with whatever it is they use and ruby with their RDoc have made useable documentation and made tutorials available on their homepage. I barely have to use stackoverflow except when I run into something pretty out of the ordinary. And if you don't find the answer, you can look at their code, because that's commented as well. Obviously these guys are doing something right...

Comment Lack of publicity (Score 1) 470

Imho it seems like the lack of publicity is the reason leads people to believe that there is nothing groundbreaking happening / nothing groundbreaking has happened recently. The media just doesn't broadcast and glorify scientific achievements like it's supposed to. All we ever hear about on TV is about misery and deceit with a few sprinkles of "miracles" / serendipitious happenings here and there.
Sure there are some broadcasts here and there, some websites that do a good job, but ask any person unaffiliated with science ( scientific/engineering career) which ones they know and I bet they'd come up empty.

It is partly the media's fault, but scientific minds are to blame for not being able to make findings in their field interesting enough to present to the common people. It would be in all our interest for the media and science dudes and gals to work together and make science presentable and interesting (without twisting or destroying some facts).

tl;dr fuck that headline; it's wrong

Comment Seriously? (Score 1) 689

I'm so disappointed that there are people who actually agree with this! Don't you guys have an empathy? Is it just impossible for you to put yourself in someone else's shoes?

Imagine you had the opportunity to go to another country and get good education ( I'm not even gonna get into the tuition fees...). You finish your degree and want to work in the country, but everywhere you go you are turned down. Why? Because the businesses in the country don't accept your degree or just doesn't mean that much in that country. Tell me honestly, what you are going to do. What are you going to do in a foreign country that won't allow you to stay without a job?

I dunno about you, but I'm not going to live on the street or stay in the country illegally until my ass is hauled by to my country...

Instead of asking yourself the question above, you just assume people are there to "steal" education and of course the only solution is to deny those thieves entry to your country. Hasn't it occured to you that businesses are multinational and international now? How well do you think your graduates are going to be prepared for such a business world?

No, go ahead America. Close all the borders, continue bombing nations out there for their resources - or as you euphemistically put it "liberate them". Cut yourself from the internet and kick anybody who looks foreign out. Let's see how that works out.

Comment Re:Find a technical solution, not a legal "solutio (Score 1) 687

I think both need to be there, but isn't a technical solution much easier ?

I'm pretty sure if you ask a physicist, they'll come up with a solution pretty quickly. I am not a physicist, but aren't lasers always polarized ? Wouldn't two polarization filters in a 90 angle to each other, completely phasz out any laser ? I'm not sure about normal light though :\

Comment Not as much as many promised I would (Score 1) 1086

Most mathematicians and professors have always done a wonderfully horrible job at presenting the direct applications of maths. This applies directly to every single maths teacher I had. Every so often a pupil would ask "why do we need this" and was greeted with "stop asking me that question" or (combined with) "you don't know enough to understand yet" ; highly arrogant and unhelpful.

That created a lack of interest and drove me to that part of computer science where maths simply isn't that important : specifications, requirement engineering, web and UI development, script writing and bug fixing in network driven applications. I leave the maths to the mathematicians and those that understand it. I stick to what I do well.

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