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Comment Re:Sigh... (Score 1) 205

There are several definitions of hacker. The original definition of the word is not someone who does what you mention, not even close. The definition that you give is the 'modern mainstream culture' definition, but I view most mainstream culture as retarded and ignorant (because of articles that mention hackers in a negative light, which you apparently have also been brainwashed by). Do a wikipedia on hacker, see what else is out there. Most people that call themselves 'hackers' in the computer-savvy world that I know are people that are more curious than anything else and just want to 'solve the puzzle,' usually by tweaking their own software and hardware. If you also want to, go look up a programming job site that sells jobs and I bet you will see the word hacker used just as much as programmer--no, it is not to 'hack' into your friend's computer to plant an idiotic virus that makes naked ladies pop up on his screen.

Comment Sigh... (Score 1) 205

"By going real time, hackers now can..." Exactly the kind of crap that gives REAL hackers a bad name to the lay-person. The douchebags stealing info from banks aren't hackers... they are thieves and crackers.

Comment Re:Blizzard is slipping. (Score 1) 316

True, the video is not pre-rendered... but the unimpressive graphics aside, the trailer just wasn't interesting to me. Trailers of previous games would show cool characters doing awesome stuff with nifty plot hint narratives and battles and big beasties, and the sweet pre-rendered graphics was what brought it all together as a bonus. This... it could have had awesome graphics and I still don't think I would have been very impressed. The CONTENT of the video was pretty meaningless/lack-lustre.

Comment Re:Blizzard is slipping. (Score 2, Interesting) 316

No kidding... even the original D2 cut scenes are comparable to (if not better than) the new D3 Monk Trailer. I'm not impressed... With some of the cinematics that they are putting out for WoW (like the WotLK trailer a year ago, which was purty) I had expected more. And looking at the web site... it just looks like they aren't putting a lot of effort into the game (or publicity)--at least not nearly as much as SC2 and WoW. Losing their touch... "...too little butter spread over too much bread." -B.B.

Comment Re:Creepy... (Score 1) 165

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Though I do not doubt that something like this could be useful, I am not so much saying that it is creepy for OTHER people to do it... I was more looking at doing it for myself. I am only 24, so I am not sure I want to be writing people death notes just yet... hehe. Much in the same way that I do not have a will. Not planning on going just yet. ;)

Comment Meh... (Score 2, Interesting) 342

Though I did enjoy the series... To be honest, I don't think a movie that takes another shot at what the series did (even if in a different light) will be terribly interesting. I am sure that they will make it look spiffy with spectacular special effects and all... but that does not a good movie make. Like DNS-and-BIND said... come up with a new idea, don't just re-vamp old ones and ruin them.

Comment Question asked... (Score 1) 569

Though this may be off topic, it is along the same lines. Asking questions is important, but what threw me off in my most recent interview was a question that I was asked. After I gave them the everything-I-am speech about dedication and drive... "Why should we hire you?" What makes you better than the entire stack of applicants exactly like you who are going to say a lot of the same stuff you just said? Basically... why should we give a crap about you? If you get asked this question... better have something poignant to say.

Comment Fingerprints? (Score 1) 247

I know passwords are the norm, but some places have adopted fingerprinting. For example, to get drugs from the pharmacy for my ambulance, I have to sign in to Pyxis using a fingerprint scanner. There are also laptops that are carrying password keyrings linked to fingerprint scanners. Even at UNH, when I signed in to get my meal, they had a hand scan to ID you so you could get through the turnstile. Not new technology, already implemented into everyday software, and tough to fake. For something like a corporation or law office (who can probably afford it), why not? Just a thought.

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