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Comment Re:Reducing emissions does nothing (Score 2, Insightful) 316

To be fair, there are quite a lot of people who are scientifically minded who think just that. the fact that you don't agree doesn't mean they don't exist and since you are not the center of the universe, it also doesn't mean they're wrong just by virtue of agreeing with you. The earth doesn't need to be "good to us". What it needs to do is exactly what it does. it needs to behave like a giant organism and repair damage done to itself. Which is what the earth does when left to it's own devices. And since we are creatures that evolved to live here on earth when it's in good shape, that will suite us just fine. there doesn't need to be any candy-like feeling attached to it. Just an ounce of thought.

Comment Re:Pretty easy (Score 1) 633

this. Include a copy of ubuntu and you're covered. Trust me, in 17 years she'll b able to find a computer that will run it. hell, if 17 years she'll probably be able to find someone still running windows 98. You overestimate progress. Put them on DVD and be done with it. the whole point of a time capsule is that it's old stuff. If I opened a time capsul from when i was born and it had CD's and flash drives, I'd feel cheated (and I'd wonder where they got those).

Comment Re:Bede bede bede (Score 1) 342

Bah. Re-imaginings are great. If you handle it right. BSG did it fine. they took a series that only hardcore nerds cared about, but that most people remembered and made something new and excellent out of it. What you do not then do is re-imagine a series that just finished last year AGAIN in movie form. Bad idea.

Comment Re:IRL (Score 0, Troll) 256

Seriously? Windows on NUCLEAR submarines?! Okay, I know that the gubment isn't IT savy, but did they not stop to think that running an OS that any script kiddie can break with something they can double click off the net was a bad idea? I mean, screw the OS wars debate ... the fact is that windows can be broken by anyone almost accidentally. What the hell are they thinking?

Comment Re:Model S (Score 1) 505

Also ... what the hell is wrong with Socialism? All it means is that the government sees to the well being of the people. What on earth is wrong with that? If the government isn't going to see to it that I don't die or starve, why am I a citizen? Sidewalks are great, but I'd rather make sure that I continue living to use them first! When did people get the idea that a) socialism is bad and b) that it's the same as communism?

Comment Re:A requirement for the loan (Score 1) 505

Give it time. You can't make an affordable car until you make them in large numbers in more than one state. if I were handcrafting cars one at a time, you can bet your ass they wouldn't cost 25,000. Think how much a gas powered car would cost without the infrastructure in place to support it. the price will come down if the cars are made.

Comment Re:More bullshit (Score 2, Insightful) 505

Ahh yes. We'll just stop spending money. That's exactly how the economy works. good on you for figuring it out. Why did we bother paying all those financial experts when we could have just asked you to spit out the solution between Dr. Peppers? Silly government, thinking that the world economy is fueled by spending!

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