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Comment Competition we didn't need, (Score 2) 172

I work for a non-profit that recently set up a computer and e-waste recycling program. I'm actually pretty intimidated right now, because although I believe Apple will lose money on this deal, (unless a ton of people are actually dumb enough to trade a computer that would go for 500 bucks on ebay for a 50 dollar gift card) they may well keep it up as a PR balance to Foxconn, etc. So yes, I'm pretty much just whining, but I won't be the only one facing job-loss because a mega-corporation screwed up and now needs a public face-lift. I urge you to look for local e-recyclers, to evaluate their reputation, and use them instead if they pass scrutiny. Keep in mind that not everyone can afford to be certified by one of the formal programs (like the ISRI's program) but that doesn't mean they're shipping e-waste overseas.

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