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Comment Love it (Score 1) 223

Ive been using Chrome since the early alpha stages of the Ubuntu build & i have to say i never used firefox ever again. I just can do everything i want to with a browser & FAST!! IS time for FIREFOX to do something about their speed. Is Google can do this im sure they also can..

Comment Netherlands (Score 1) 835

In the Netherlands you have colleges where the teachers tell you to forget about Linux, because only Microsoft counts ;-) I have a friend wanted to make a school project using a Linux server + Apache, his idea was rejected by the IT teacher. There are also schools where they give stimulation ONLY on using MS products..

Comment long time ago.. (Score 1) 739

i still remember 2 important days.. 1 - the first time i saw linux, at a friend house, he showed me Red Hat (dont remember the version) back in 1999, he told me this is going to be the future.. i was like (what the he.. is that) 2 - a couple of months later i was installing slackware linux, i still remember entering X using startx (those where memorable moments) ;-) i could do the startx thing for hours.. i was amaze how a black screen could turn into a graphical environment...

Comment A great release (Score 1) 620

Ive been using Jaunty since alpha3 & as lot people say, its rock solid! i got a quad core intel machine where running this version of Ubuntu on 64 bits takes my computer to another dimension. Wel done!

Comment Re:Cost will fall flat... (Score 1) 461

Im so tired of hearing this every time.. this has become the most used excuses by IT management to not use linux for common tasks. i little bit of a system administrator can do things with linux for free in 1/2 the time you can do with all of the expensive tools in twice the time. I think personally the problem is you..

Comment Re:Wrong focus (Score 1) 205

If you dont like fast boot on your desktop is a personal thing. I love this, i hate to wait a minuut for a system to star, im a fast computer user & i like computer to be fast (evenbooting) linux booting fast on home desktop is the right direction to go.. off course we've got sunpend & a terrible hibernate that doest work right. But i like to turn my pc off once in a while. About syncking your phone, just getan android & you will never need a cable to sync you phone contacts.. you are right about polishing & integration, that why distros are for, thats why Ubuntu kick every other distro asses big time.

Comment Re:One question: (Score 1) 205

Fedora is like a playground for new technology, i can imagine someone want this on their systems. The funny think is they are not bringing anything interesting for the desktop, i forgot they made a nice wallpaper on f10 & the nicest boot splash ever & a lot of bugs. I a shame Fedora/Red Hat dont do it right on the desktop, they got a nice installer & Red Hat based distros are awesome, in some way i totally dislike Fedora.

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