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Comment Re:Everything I don't want in a phone (Score 1) 71

I found that by keeping both thumbs & index fingers on file in the phone I can unlock it flat on the desk with either finger or with either thumb while holding it one handed (screen on with home & unlock in a second either way). I have enough trouble getting my finger on the heart rate monitor next to the camera on the S7 without needing to clean the camera afterwards so having a fingerprint reader next to the camera...? Nope, not for me. I also found iris scanning a bit hit & miss too (on the Note 7) so if they can work some magic with a face unlock that can't be spoofed, then count me in on that instead and I won't mind not using fingerprints at all.

Comment Re:Gimme 8K anyday... (Score 1) 105

Pretty much the Note 7's display - as long as it's not on fire. Doesn't matter if it's light text on a dark background or vice versa, it looks stunning, it looks like you're just holding something printed in very high resolution on smooth plastic. For best results, about 30-40% brightness gives that effect.

I do hope there's not a second recall - I like this phone :)

Comment Gimme 8K anyday... (Score 1) 105

I've noticed a fair number of comments about the silliness of having a small but very high DPI screen - the "Oh, you won't notice the difference so there's no point" type ones. The real world doesn't have a DPI count, so as far as I'm concerned the higher the DPI a monitor has, the better. Put a window showing a pleasant view and a 1080 display dressed as a window showing the same view side by side and you can easily tell the difference. Do it with an 8K display and it becomes somewhat more difficult. Depending on the quality of the display, it may become impossible.

I'm running a 4K 40" monitor at the moment - 4K for the image quality, 40" so I can read what's on the screen when not playing games (with scaled up text because my eyes ain't what they used to be) and get more of an immersive feel when playing games (more game in my FOV, less surrounding wall). Make that an 8K display and give me the video cards to drive it (or *really* good VR) and you'd be hard pressed to make me move from my desk.

Comment Note to Samsung. DON'T remove the 3.5mm jack. (Score 1) 446

Unless you're planning to release cheap Bluetooth earbuds (that don't make you look like an idiot) with a battery life that lasts for all day use - just ... don't. Wired headphones might get tangled up sometimes but they're convenient and don't require regular recharging, or replacing when the non-replaceable battery fails.

As to making them slimmer and more water resistant? Bullshit! With the snail-slow advance of battery technology, if phones get much slimmer they'll barely have room for a battery that lasts more than a few hours and they'll just be far easier to damage. Sockets can be used that prevent water ingress. Hell, they won't even need pressure gaskets for them - just use some of that glue that seems to appear in all the most unwanted places.

Here's an idea... produce a micro hub that allows a person to use USB headphones and something else simultaneously (charger, storage, whatever) and leave that as an option for a few years. If enough people have stopped using the headphone socket to make the change worthwhile, *then* consider removing the socket.

Another... stop making the phones thinner until you have batteries that won't go bang and a normal usage life of at least a whole day before needing a recharge. I say this as a Note 7 owner who thinks his phone is quite thin enough already and if it was any thinner would be impossible to hold *and* use due to the screen edges being constantly held in at least 3 places.

And while I'm on a roll here - you could easily have a removable battery in a phone with a high IP rating - a pressure gasket and a rigid slot cover with captive screws or a pin release would take care of that (like the SIM/SD slot only larger).

Comment Re:Like suing McDonald's for hot coffee (Score 1) 102

Had the problems been discovered before or right up until the moment I forked the money over - of course not. I wasn't buying a iPhone. The problems were only discovered a few days after I'd received, charged & setup the phone. It's been sitting on my desk in the box it arrived in, slowly discharging and I'm going to get it exchanged for a new, battery defect free, unit tomorrow.

While I'm in the shop, I'll be mentioning about it suffering the bootloop of death, challenge them to get it working before I take the new one with me and I'll make sure they know that if the replacement does the same thing they'll get to choose which one of the following comes with me when I get a refund - a member of the press or a solicitor.

What did you think I was going to do? Magically predict the Note 7 was going to have issues with catching fire or locking up and buy something else that doesn't have the features of the phone I'd chosen? Buy something that hisses when it's in use? I haven't bought a phone since the Note 2, which I paid relatively little for on a medium cost two year contract. This one is going to be lasting me a few years - and yes I will be getting that battery changed when it needs it although I do hope Samsung learns from this that sealed units aren't their smartest offering and do something about it.

Comment Re:Like suing McDonald's for hot coffee (Score 1) 102

...Similarly with all this "exploded" malarky. I think if something with that much chemical energy were to explode in my trousers pocket, the first thing going through my mind would be "Fuck! Where are my balls? And leg?" if I wasn't actually unconscious or dead, that is. An enthusiastic chemical fire and an explosion are rather different things.

Your post is correct regarding this issue being dealt with by Samsung - I should know. I got a text message about the recall on my Note 7 on the 4th, about 4 hours before it decided to go into the boot loop of death anyway, so it's been sitting neatly packed away in the box with all the gubbins it came with. (Had it not done that I'd have been using it up until I called them to confirm this recall was an absolute and not a "well, you should be okay" situation.) I had that chat with Samsung as per the message request, they've since called me back for some device specific details and I'll be chatting with the people at the shop I got it from on Monday (19th) to see about the replacement.

Then the fun begins on the boot loop issue - if it happens again there will be ... words. If I'm willing to pay £700 for a device I expect the fucking thing to work as advertised.

Comment Re:Some things shouldn't be software controlled. (Score 4, Interesting) 168

A simple solution for this on laptops - a pair of small sliders, one a physical switch which cuts the mic line, the other a flag covering the camera lens (rear cameras on handheld devices are for someone else to figure out). Both would be near to the front bezel of the device so a small window could show a red mic symbol when the mic switch is moved to on, a green mic with a line shows when switched to off. For the camera, the green panel - off - would be solid and the red - on - would have a hole in it for the lens. You could still make the camera switch a camera power killer if so desired (might also be that rear camera solution for other devices?).

The only problems I see are companies wanting to incorporate this and how small and idiot proof you could make the additions. This is simply an engineering solution with easy user access - no software required, no menu hunting, so no issues with "does it really cut out?"

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