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Comment Re:First sentence is a doozy. (Score 1) 334

On a similar note what about school? I believe it is mandatory for you to send your little sproglet to school still in the states? Should we just leave that up to the parents entirely as well even though a child getting to 16 and being unable to read and write is pretty much guaranteed to be a grade A fuckup who can't earn a living and will therefore cost society a fortune in prison fees (prisons are expensive btw)?

In the US you don't have to send your kid to school, though state laws differ as to how to handle they want homeschooling handled. in Idaho, they don't care. If they can get a GED or diploma, wonderful. If not, guess the parent screwed up. Other states want you to submit a full year course and teaching outlines.

We've homeschooled my step-daughter many times, only because she has issues with picking up social cues and had a terrible time. We would homeschool her more if we could, but she fights everything, and seems to have this notion that the teacher is always right, even when proven wrong.

But when we homeschooled, she would start a grade behind, and when we had to send her back to public school (my wife's health generally has been an issue), she would be a grade ahead. If she didn't have an idiot of a dad and an even more idiot of a family on his side, she would probably be homeschooled all the time.

We found a school that works for us and her locally that helps with her social skills and learning social cues, and they don't move on from a lesson unless she's scoring a "C". She's gone from a 2.0 grade average to a 3.5 grade average. We get to see her grades online and what is going on, which helps since this school doesn't do homework (for 7th grade, 8th grade she'll have some), which makes her happy too. Class size is limited to 15 students per teacher, so more child-teacher interaction time. It's certainly a luxury that a lot of public school (which this one is) don't have these days/

Parents can do just as good a job or better being the teacher if they can put the time into it (and one parent makes enough money to support a spouse staying home). Unless you were my wife's parents, who took her and her brothers out of school to homeschool, only to actually just clean the house and not actually teach anything. My wife basically went to college with a 4th grade education and graduated, because luckily she was smart enough to read while she was out of school and learn on her own and with her brothers. Now she wants to go back to learn how to program to make apps for children.

Comment Babies need the blood now more than later (Score 1) 321

My wife and I went to a birthing center for our last two boys and received information on letting the cord finish pulsating before the cord is cut. Basically the logic is if you're cutting the cord early your depriving your baby of the blood they need to live and breathe when they are first born. I'd rather they get all their blood now so they can be healthy later, not have their body fight for a bit while they regain the blood they lost from the transfer.

Comment Re:Why Everyone Hates the Info Desk (Score 1) 960

Sometimes it's just easier to see what's going on rather than being told what the problem is, though they should always get permission first. Despite some best efforts, knowledge documentation the help desks use can be outdated and/or incorrect. I've had my own experiences where the person on the phone was refusing to let me remote into their desktop and just tell me where they were clicking or what boxes they were highlighting. I tried my best to work with them, but people use their computers differently so what they were describing didn't make sense to me. Once I finally was able to convince them to let me remote into the damned thing 20 minutes later I was able to fix their issues in 2 minutes, including testing to make sure that what I had done is what they wanted.

All I can say is don't be a pain to help desk staff. Most are willing to genuinely help people (as much as we lament at their lack of help, or don't want to be put on with the kid who thinks he knows everything) and the good ones try to better themselves to help you better. Stonewalling them because for whatever reason you don't want them seeing your desktop doesn't exactly help you in the future, as your ticket will sit in limbo longer because they don't want to deal with "that guy".

Comment Re:unpossible (Score 2, Insightful) 1343

All of those reasons you listed are why my wife and I will be homeschooling our 1-month old son when the time comes. My stepdaughter is in public school now, and they continually convince me that I do not want to trust my son's education in their hands. As it is, we try to supplement her education so that she doesn't fall behind, especially when the teacher doesn't have time to go over papers with her.

I will be more than thankful when we move out of our current district and into one that will hopefully have better teachers than she has now. And she'll be in a school that isn't proud of the fact that 85% of the students can't even afford lunch.
Internet Explorer

Reports of IE Hijacking NXDOMAINs, Routing To Bing 230

Jaeden Stormes writes "We just started getting word of a new browser hijack from our sales force. 'Some site called Bing?' they said. Sure enough, since the patches last night, their IE6 and IE7 installations are now routing all NXDOMAINs to Bing. Try it out — put in something like" We've had mixed results here confirming this: one report that up-to-date IE8 behaves as described. Others tried installing all offered updates to systems running IE6 and IE7 and got no hijacking.
Update: 08/11 23:24 GMT by KD : Readers are reporting that it's not Bing that comes up for a nonexistent domain, it's the user's default search engine (noting that at least one Microsoft update in the past changed the default to Bing). There may be nothing new here.

Comment Will they fix the different per-bit color? (Score 1) 257

The one thing that keeps me from running NX is that it won't let me connect to my session unless both the server and client run the exact same color depth. With VNC, I can connect to my 16-bit color X session at home on my 32-bit color Windows client at work. With NX, unless both desktops are running the exact same color depth, it won't connect. If there's a way around this, Google's search hasn't shown me anything.

Comment Re:He's a Democrat, so who he is doesn't matter no (Score 1) 1788

Idaho is very typically a red state, but if you go by any of the parties that get thrown down here for primaries and whatnot, you'll find that Ron Paul was better liked than McCain. I think it's the first time disgruntled democrats and gruntled republicans every agreed on someone in this state.

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