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The Internet

Submission + - Is Your Business Model About To Go Extinct? (pgs-soft.com)

AndyMackee writes: "In 1930s, millions of women across the world worked long shifts hunched by the imposing boards chock-full of plugs and blinking lights. Their labor fueled a rapid growth of the telecom industry. The America’s largest telephone company of that period, AT&T, employed 350 000 switchboard operators alone. Manufacturing, maintenance and installation of switchboards was an important part of the economy. Fast-forward fifty years. Today, this sector – one of the most important technology markets in the early 20th century – is all gone.

It was not the only one. Copy boys were replaced by e-mails, typesetters by DTP software, pinesetters by complex machines

But this article is not about long-obsolete careers. In the last decade, we’ve seen many modern business models go the way of switchboard operators, as the time from one market disruption to another kept getting shorter."


Submission + - Interesting projects that harness Big Data (pgs-soft.com)

AndyMackee writes: "Five terabytes. That’s how much data will be created directly or indirectly by every man, women and child on earth by 2020.

This number, coming from International Data Corp report, is only an average. But just for the sake of simplicity, imagine that everyone you meet in the street has a stack of 1TB hard drives floating over his or her head. That’s their digital footprint. Companies and businesses also have footprints — let’s imagine them as huge piles of drives sitting next to the office buildings.

Now imagine that all the stacks are doubling in size every two years."


Submission + - Dealing With Distractions - The Unconventional Way (onepageonly.net)

AndyMackee writes: "Typewriters may have had their shortcomings, but they certainly did not invite fooling around. Getting the document to look right was a bit more difficult than it is today, with all those fancy word processing tools. However, once you started typing, you were much more likely to go on without interruption for an extended period of time. You couldn’t press a button on the typewriter and start browsing Reddit. You couldn’t press another one to take a breather on Facebook. There were no distracting notifications popping out on your page. It is a well-known paradox that nearly all technological advancements that increase your productivity also make it easier for you to succumb to your inner time waster."

Submission + - Google+ Growth Compared to Facebook's (stormdriver.com)

StormDriver writes: "According to the well-known Roger’s adoption curve, around 2.5% of people fit the category of innovators. They will readily switch platforms whenever something new and exciting appears. It means two things: first, the current growth doesn’t mean Google+ will just as easily go to the next level. The innovator following might not convert into strong mainstream presence, as it happened for many products in the past.

Second: according to Roger’s curve, out of 750 million active Facebook users, around twenty million need constant change to get their daily rush. We have twenty million innovators, connected and not afraid to try new things. That’s exactly what Google+ managed to tap into, that’s the fuel for their rapid growth. On a side note, it also explains why they had an easier time than Facebook, who first had to create this broad pool of potential customers."

Social Networks

Submission + - Upcoming Web App Wants To Change The Web (stormdriver.com)

AndyMackee writes: "Time and time again, we’ve seen startups that were trying to do just one of the things we decided to include in our system. Some of them were larger than our team. Just to give you a fresh example from the top of my head: not so long ago, trap.it beta appeared – it’s an adaptive and intelligent newsreader. Our news section also uses AI and semantic analysis, it’s also learning your habits (and it has way more data to work with what trap.it guys get). The thing is, the reader is only a small part. We have many more modules of similar complexity.

Of course, it would be easier to launch a bare-bones alpha and add the things as we go, but it’s not always possible in our case. The learning news finder I told you about connects to the user votes database, that connects to the map of topical website relations, that connects to user profiles and histories, that connects to users credibility, that connects to shared pages, that connect to the proxy backbone. Everything is tightly interwoven, and that’s probably the most exciting – and hardest – thing about StormDriver."

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