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Comment RETURN IT (Score 1) 170

Castro should tell Obama "Your lease is up. As of 00:00 AM January 1 2020, it reverts to Cuban internal territory. Being Cuba, INTERnational law does not count, only INTRAnatinal (Cuban) law counts. We will mortar the power plant, poison the ground water, sink tankers, put holes in the runway. Get all your junk out of here. Until the end of 2019 ships and planes LEAVING Guantanamo will not be interfered with."

Quantanamo is one of the most shameful things in U.S. history. Why weren't those prisoners taken to Florida? Because the Pentagon didn't want them to have any legal rights.

Comment Re:16.04? (Score 1) 61

My guess would be the fourth month of 2016...

A prototype / preliminary / pilot version is already up. When was the official 14.04 version posted? 2014/04/01? 2014/04/30? Or maybe 2016/02/19? When do we trust our servers to a '16.04' binary?

Comment Bird? (Score 1) 1839

Many of the stories, including this one, show a capital "T", then a bird, then "irfs", then a drawing of a little dummy. I live in rural Thailand. For those of us who do not live in Sunnyvale, you should label it better.

FYI I hate icons. Icons are just another language to learn. I already know English. I don't wamt to see German or Chinese or Icons on Twitter. Thanks.

Also, whi isn't a blank line good enough for a paragraph break? Like here: This is the last paragraph.

Comment Books (Score 2) 69

I read constntly. As a child my mother would read to me. On the first day of school, I came home crying because they did not teach me how to read.

I have two piles of books. I pick a book from the first pile, read it, and put it in the second pile. After 3-4 years the first pile is empty, the second is full, and I switch piles. It's hard to find good English language in Thailand. Mostly I read Louis L'Amour ("Guns Of The Timberlands"), also science fiction ("The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress"), Perry Mason ("The Girl With The Lucky Legs"), and John Grisham ("The Pelican Brief"). If you want to understand me, read "Ender's Game" (Andy's Geme).

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