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Comment Re:AT&T needs to watch out... (Score 1) 204

The vast majority of Facebook's censorship follows complaints from their users. They simply don't have the staff to censor every page there without that initiation. Pages not in English are especially difficult to even respond to complaints about, because they don't have sufficient employees who speak a language other than English. Add to that the likelihood that most of the terrorist communication undoubtedly comes from private groups that don't generate complaints. What the lawsuit seems to say Facebook should have been doing is maintaining an immense staff for every worldwide language monitoring every Facebook post made. That's absurd.

Comment What's wrong with the cloud? (Score 1) 251

I know you said you don't want them in the cloud, but why not? Well encrypted files are quite unlikely to be in danger of decryption, and storing them on multiple cloud servers, where data loss is an existential threat to the companies maintaining them, seems an overwhelmingly successful strategy for ensuring the survival of the data.

Comment Investigation is a good thing (Score 1) 556

I'm glad the FBI is investigating. They don't know whether alleged threats and harassment are *real* threats and harassment without investigating. Since there have been allegations on both sides, hopefully they investigate both sides. And hopefully those who made false accusations will be prosecuted along with those who made real threats. We shouldn't put up with threats, harassment, or dishonest allegations of crimes. And I trust the FBI won't just be reading message boards and MSNBC articles in their investigation.

I expect, however, that when prosecutions start one or both sides will start whining.

Comment Re:XBMC Finally? (Score 1) 140

This well reviewed media box uses the same processor and GPU*

*The media box simply lists the 450, and the Odroid specifies it's dual core 450. Since the 450 can have up to 8 cores, the media box could have more than the Odroid, but you'd think they'd mention that in the marketing, and they don't.

Comment Not a great idea, I think. (Score 1) 48

A watch may be a fashion accessory, but it is mostly exempt from the expectation that it match with the rest of one's wardrobe. That stems from the days when watches were just too expensive to wear matching watches with every outfit, even if you were well off. This, on the other hand, will only go with some outfits, and doesn't have an inherited exemption from expectations of matching in female wardrobes. And it's probably too expensive to buy three or four. They're pretty, I must admit, but a watch is a better idea.

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