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Comment C coders are brain damaged (Score 3, Funny) 97

Once you get your head around crap like triple pointers, function pointers and all of the other head bashing elements of C, your brain is just..screwed. C is such a masochistic language that you REALLY must be in love with it to persist. Normal people just go FU and move on to something with more hand holding, not that there is anything wrong with that. So this is why C programmers stay up late, they simply cannot help themselves :(


Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 204

gcc used to accept -fwritable-strings to allow for writable strings as mentioned in the sample. Generally only really, really old code needed this I believe gcc 4.x removed this feature. I think this was always an implementation defined feature, one where the spec is silent on how to treat these strings.

Most people these days will do something like the following to simulate:

char s[] = "hello world";

*s = 'H';

The assignment will work this way, since the string literal is copied to the stack.

Comment Re:Open.... (Score 1) 287

I don't think that word means what you think it means...

They mean Open as in the 1980s-1990s version of "Open" like Common Open Software Environment or the Open Software Foundation. None of these have anything to do with Free Software(as in you get the source), but with open specifications. In that sense, Microsoft does have an "Open" platform, most of their protocol specs are available even if they are bastardized versions of standard protocols, same with most of their APIs, they tend to be fairly well documented.

Comment Re:To secure your car... (Score 1) 215

Uhh have you ever heard of this thing called ignition coils on plug? Basically the ignition coil is on top of the spark plug itself, with low voltage wires going to the coil.

I'm not sure there has been a car made with a mechanical distributor made in the past 25+ years?

I will now remove myself from your lawn.

Comment Re:Took my son around to play it (Score 1) 130

Ingress hasn't allowed new portal submissions in well over a year. btw. Initially Ingress was seeded with a lot of historical markers from HMDB.org. There are certainly a lot of silly portals, one that comes to mind is one of the big red concrete balls in front of a Target, with the portal being named "Big Red Ball of Peace" or something.

Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 1) 286

Well if there is a fire, chances are I'm going to care a whole lot more about other things that I've lost other than my notes.

If it's important enough, I'll transcribe it to an electronic format that is more useful for other people to use. Often I'm taking notes in a very terse format, not writing an entire document. Though often most of the notes I'm taking are ephemeral in nature. I might need those notes for a week a most, not for the next 30 years.

To each their own.

Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 5, Insightful) 286

A filing cabinet? A simple small spiral bound notepad fits in my pocket. There is also the aspect of when you are in meetings that people realize you are actually taking notes and not just looking at your phone and possibly not paying a damn bit of attention to the meeting.

I can take notes on a notepad without looking at the paper, it's a bit harder to do that on a phone. Afterwards it's not too terribly difficult to transcribe my notes to electronic format if I need to.

*Shrug* Maybe I'm just old.

Comment Re:LD_PRELOAD? (Score 2) 113

LD_PRELOAD doesn't intercept system calls, it intercepts library calls. Some of which do wrap system calls, but LD_PRELOAD helps you ZERO if you have a statically linked executable.

I'd imagine a lot of malware for Linux based operating systems very well might be statically linked, to avoid libc version dependencies.

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