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Comment A marketplace for working openly (Score 1) 82

I'm very glad to hear about Creative Commons because in our society, copyright is the "default", and it is very unclear how to put anything into the public domain. Most people don't worry about copyright, it seems that we all regularly violate the law, copying pages, websites, etc. without asking permission, and where expressly prohibited. The public domain is a "free trade zone" of ideas. Worrying about permissions makes it impossible to create mosaics of knowledge. This makes it impractical to accumulate our experiences and draw patterns from them. A related problem is, how can we create a marketplace where private interests pay for work to be done openly, publicly? So far I haven't seen business models for open source where the money is made from the "openness", not the exclusive "add-ons". I think this can only work if we invest in relationships, if we sell passion and people, rather than products, services, code, ideas. My lab is creating such a marketplace for working openly. http://www.ms.lt/en/workingopenly/MinciuSodasPropo sal.html We function as a research multiplier, we reduce in high uncertainty entrepreunerial projects. Funders know that they are attracting constructive workers, and workers know that they are paid to work openly. This allows everybody to work more flexibly, which is important for promising start-ups that thrive on low capital, high uncertainty. We're looking for funders and participants. Our lab, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, serves and organizes independent thinkers. Our thinkers "work for free" on their own projects, we do our best to support each other. This makes us a "constructivity magnet", as we attract those who have their own projects, and we repel those who don't want to work for free. We've been careful to conduct our work in the public domain. Our correspondence includes the tag "Each letter enters the Public Domain unless it explicitly states otherwise" and now we have 5000 letters that we can reuse as needed, without asking permission. http://www.ms.lt/en/archive/index.html Having a definite way to place work in the public domian is very helpful. Maybe even more helpful would be to have a convention for discussion groups to include a "Public Domain by default" tag. Most helpful, in building a "free trade zone" of ideas, would be for the copyright laws to be changed so that creative works are in the Public Domain by default, they are the ones that should be explicitly registered. But first we should demonstrate that the Public Domain is of itself productive, constructive, economic, a good investment. Andrius Kulikauskas Direktorius Minciu Sodas http://www.ms.lt ms@ms.lt +1 (773) 651-3785 Chicago, Illinois

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