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Comment Re:Give it up Trumpsters (Score 1) 629

You're right. The election will be such a joke that you and all your liberal buddies should just stay home. You guys got this. Seriously. Just stay home. It won't matter.

Liberals are typically well educated and good at critical thinking (certainly better than conservatives. After all, being a conservative by definition means you've chosen not to think for yourself but to go along with what your ancestors thought). As a result, you can be assured that most liberals realize what an incredibly bad president Trump would be. Indescribably bad. Probably the worst in all of American history. They will show up to vote against him.

Hell, have you seen how many conservatives are against Trump too? He's going to lose by such a landslide.

Comment Hey maybe ComCast will speed up Google too then (Score 2) 43

So the other day, my internet was very slow, I did a speed test on, and it reported about 25Mpbs, which is exactly what my internet is supposed to be.

But it didn't seem right, because every site was painfully slow. So I went to and did a speed test, and I was getting like 1.5Mbps, which was definitely more accurate.

The other day I overheard a Comcast commercial where they mentioned that they're number 1 on So, I came to the very obvious conclusion that Comcast deliberately makes sure to un-throttle your internet when doing a speedtest on (and who knows where else).

Comment Re:It's all so confusing... (Score 2) 165

John Oliver did a show last year where he mentioned that Tom Wheeler, head of the FCC, was a former telecom lobbyist. He then said that it was like hiring a dingo to watch over your baby.

Tom Wheeler responded by saying he was not a dingo.

I guess he was speaking metaphorically and literally when he said that.

Comment Re:Private sector will always do it better. (Score 3, Interesting) 352

I lived in a town with municipal internet. It was wonderful. My up/down speeds were synchronous, I didn't have to buy my own modem (or lease one for 10 bucks a month), and here comes the kicker: If I had a problem and had to call them, I talked to an actual person. No machine, no waiting on hold, just a person picked up on the other end of the line. A person who was even competent enough to perform basic tasks, like renewing my IP address.

Comment Re:Slow anyway (Score 2) 153

I had Sprint back from 2011-2013. The data was so slow, when I first signed up I called them a few times, wondering what was wrong, because there was just no way that the data could actually be that slow. Over the next two years, I had developed a somewhat perverted fascination with the slowness of Sprint's network. I ran speed tests all the time just to see those 50-130 kbps speeds (that's bits, not bytes). It's like when you have a sore in your mouth, and you keep touching it with your tongue just to verify that it still hurts.

And yes, that was the speed I consistently saw. It doesn't matter if it was in the morning, afternoon, or 2AM. It was always around those speeds. It doesn't matter if I was on the east coast of florida, west coast, or in central florida. My phone at the time could use their WiMax network, which did get good speed, but it was the most useless technology ever. It basically didn't work unless you were standing right in front of a cell tower.

I then switched to T-Mobile. The first thing I did was run a speed test. I saw 12Mpbs.

Comment Re:Oh won't someone please think of the children? (Score 1, Insightful) 100

This type of comment is always inevitable any time Simpsons gets mentioned in an online community.

No one denies that 3-9 was the golden age of the Simpsons. However 10-12 was the dark age of the simpsons. This was when Mike Scully ran the show; it had become very cartoony and "Family Guy"ish (maybe not so much with the cut-away gags, but in how it will compromise character integrity for the sake of a punch line). Around season 13 Al Jean rejoined the show as the showrunner, and the quality went back up. He was one of the original writers/show runners of the show.

So yes, Simpsons is not as good as it was in it golden years—I'm not sure if anything on TV is—but I think it's unfair to downright say it's bad now. It's a decent show, and still leagues better than Family Guy, at least. (I'm not sure why I'm suddenly comparing it to Family Guy—maybe it's because I hate Family Guy).

And before anyone points it out, yes, I'm aware of the irony that my signature comes from a Mike Scully episode of the Simpsons.

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