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Comment Re:This is not a fair comparison (Score 1) 310

But with Android, you have to contend with thousands of different models, each with their own shitty customisations that break things. We deployed an application last week for Android. It was finished weeks beforehand for iOS. Despite only having to target three recent Android tablets (it was an in-house project), each tablet was broken in different ways. iOS development is a breeze by comparison.

Yes, you are potentially developing for many more phones with Android. With iOS, you are developing for one and one only. You're comparing developing for one device to developing for basically every other device (ignoring Windows phones), and that's not really comparable, is it?

So developing for iOS got your app on one device. With Android, you got your app on many devices with essentially only some tweaks needed to get it working on individual new devices, instead of having to develop for a completely new OS altogether for each.This is problem, how?

Comment Re:Oh for the love of fuck... (Score 1) 214

"Saboteur" refers to the practice of ruining the innards of weaving machines by throwing in your shoes - a type of wooden clog called a "sabot". It has no espionage connotations at all.

And it probably originates in the Netherlands.

...that sounds like industrial espionage to me...? Why would one ruin their own weaving machine?

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 0) 407

Belgian ffs. Belgium, I hate it when people mistake us for Dutch!

I know how you feel. I hate it when people mistake me (from Seattle) for Canadian. I mean, I know we're right next door to each other, speak the same language, look the same, and share a similar lineage, but that doesn't matter. It makes me rage so hard that I get on the Internet and whine about it with the indigence of a princess. I'M SO SICK OF BEING MISTAKEN FOR SOMEONE WHO CLEARLY LIVES A FEW MILES AWAY AND OVER AN INVISIBLE BOARDER! HOW COULD ANYONE DO THISS???!?!!?!??!

Comment Re:and... (Score 1) 464

Actually the Pros were very upgradable, and much easier to do so than any PC. It was always pull a lever, or pull off the top. No screws, not hassle

The screwless case is not an Apple invention. Even if it was (it's not), the screws are only a minor inconvenience when upgrading. The real barriers to upgrading are a lack of compatible hardware, lack of drivers, things like soldered in RAM, etc.

The cases are built like that so their upgrade monkeys can do their jobs faster, not so you can get into it easier. They don't want you doing it yourself, they want you paying a "Genius" to plug things in where the fit for you.

Comment Re:who cares (Score 1) 253

> Why the fuck are you Americans so paranoid?

It's due to the fact that we have so many people with completely opposing world views living here trying to prove theirs 'correct' (or others' wrong) through legislation that breeds an atmosphere of someone always being out to get you. There's always someone telling you something you're doing is wrong and should be made illegal, no matter who you are. Ergo,paranoia.

You have...a massive military...

Not really... They keep having to hire security contractors to fill in the gaps, and it's still not enough to do the jobs they set out to do. Tons of money, yes. But it mostly goes into pet projects and inflated budgets nobody else cares about.

...cry like a bunch of pussies each time someone talks bad of you...

Last I checked, almost nobody likes someone from another country coming over and telling them how theirs sucks. Americans certainly aren't the best at taking advice from other nations, but many are far worse... You can barely fart around a Chinese person without them snapping your head off about how westerners don't know everything.

The only people here that really believe Julian Assange is a danger to the US are either the ones that believe everything the TV tells them anyway (roughly half to three-fifths of everyone I'm guessing), or the people that were embarrassed by something that was leaked, but even they're only saying it to potentially protect their jobs because protecting their jobs is all these people do, not because they actually believe it.

Comment Re:facebook is an american company (Score 1, Funny) 559

If you write something false that defames the President's reputation, he can sue you for libel.

Can you imagine if this were actually true? Obama could sue the shit out of every Republican and 24hr news outlet in the country, and use the money to build that Muslim-Kenyan-Socialist state I hear he wants so badly.

Comment Re:It's only been 40 years since Nixon (Score 1) 248

"Your commentary says otherwise."

Those who oppose Republican agendas are not automatically Democrats. Try thinking outside the box sometime..

I didn't neglect to mention anyone. Nakoula Basseley is only still in jail because he was only free on parole to begin with, and with a stipulation that he was to have no access to the internet for some time, which he obviously broke. Sending in the swat team to pick him up wasn't necessary, but he's still in jail for legitimate reasons. And no, nobody who doesn't already want to find dirt on Democrats gives two shits weather Obama said it was terrorists or a reaction to some video the next day. The Republicans will put on a side show no matter what, and "enabling" them to do it is a pretty lame excuse to be upset with Obama.

Let's see.. A surge of seemingly politically named organizations, affiliated with a group who thinks a lot of the taxes they already owe shouldn't be owed, are applying for a tax exempt status used by some less scrupulous politicians to filter money for election campaigns, and they get scrutinized. Yeah. I'm trying to get pissed, I really am, but I can't.

All in all, it's all a big yawn fest.

Comment Re:It's only been 40 years since Nixon (Score 2, Insightful) 248

Two of those three "scandals" are things that the majority of people don't care about.

None of the Democrat's supporters, and a good chunk of more moderate Republicans, don't care about weather the President called the Benghazi attack a terrorist attack or not, and for the most part, only his most die-hard opponents are still talking about it. I'm not a supporter of Democrats, and I don't care about it.

The IRS targeting Tea Party organizations might raise more hairs on the Republican side of the isle, however targeting groups that are explicitly proponents of an anti-taxation agenda (especially when nobody was unfairly cracked down on) isn't offensive enough to anyone except Tea Partiers. Again I'm not a supporter of Democrats, but the IRS imposing extra scrutiny to a group of people whose entire existence is an opposition to the IRS doesn't seem like much of a stretch to me.

This AP phone records thing has my interest, however.

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