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Comment Re: I wonder (Score 1) 347

And there in lies the problem: The definition of national security. What you think it means is not the same thing as what the NSA thinks it is, or the Republican Party thinks it is. Or the President. Or your Manager. When the government hides evidence citing national security concerns...what does that mean?

Comment won't work,,,stop using fission please (Score 1) 222

Hmm...yeah, you apear to be correct here. Perhaps we could help funnel it through into the mantle, though I suppose we would have no way to assure it would not then circulate and come right back out under even more unfavorable circumstances through a volcano. The current idea is to flash freeze the entire area and keeping it frozen indeffinitly. Fission is simply a terrible idea as Fukashima proves. THe problem is that it brings to the fore the fact that we do not have control. We can manage the plant under normal circumstances, but can't assure that there wont be a tornado, or an earthquake, or a volcano, or an astroid and suddenly all the gains we made from the nuclear energy are a huge liability. The corporations involved will quickly go bankrupt once the profit evaporates leaving the clean up to the people.

Comment Seems like this should work (Score 1) 222

The ultra dense heavy radioactive material should burn its way through the mantle and keep falling into the core of the earth. If they can control this and avoid an explosion which would litter the surrounding area in radioactive fallout as happened in Chernobyl this is the clear solution to dispense with Fukashima once and for all.

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