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Comment The answer is basically "No". (Score 4, Informative) 484

According to Alexa , Wikipedia has actually grown substantially in terms of traffic and viewership, with reach up 12% in the past 3 months. It's inevitable that with several million articles, the number of "missing" encyclopedic ones drops, and thus fewer new articles are created. You can't judge whether something has "peaked" based on fewer accounts being blocked and soforth. Rather than saying it's peaked, it looks more like it's starting to stabilise in terms of quality, while still growing in terms of readership and reach.
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Submission + - Review: SanDisk's fastest USB drive (

Lucas123 writes: "Computerworld's storage reviewer Bill O'Brien writes that SanDisk's Cruzer Contour's literature contains some impressive performance claims — principally that it has a write speed of 18Mbit/sec and reads at 25Mbit/sec. While its random access speed of 0.5msec is half that of other comparitive drives, it's only competitive on read/writes."

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