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Comment Feedback is welcome! (Score 4, Informative) 68

I'm one of the developers of Freeciv-web. Please post your questions and feedback here or on the Github issue tracker. This is a beta-version, so there are many things to improve in the game. If you are a good developer or 3D artist perhaps you would be interested in helping improve the game also. Creating an open source game like this can be a lot of fun!

Submission + - Freeciv WebGL 3D beta-version released (

Andreas(R) writes: A beta of the 3D WebGL version of Freeciv has been released today. Freeciv is the classic open source strategy game, included in most Linux distributions and first released in 1996 by three danish students. Now the developers are working on bringing the game to the modern era with 3D WebGL graphics. The game will work on any device with a browser with HTML5 and WebGL support, and 3GB of RAM. It is a volunteer community development project and anyone is welcome to contribute to the project. Have fun and remember to sleep!

Submission + - Freeciv founded 20 years ago today! (

Andreas(R) writes: The Freeciv project was founded on November 14 1995, by Peter Joachim Unold, Claus Leth Gregersen and Allan Ove Kjeldbjerg. The three Danish students created this open source strategy game while studying computer science at Aarhus University. Today, 20 years later the founders of the project have been interviewed to find out about the early history of Freeciv.

Submission + - The Battle of 100 Freeciv AIs (

Andreas(R) writes: The open source Freeciv project has simulated an epic game where 100 artificial intelligence players fight it out on a large map. You can watch the replay and check out the statistics of each AI.

Submission + - Play Freeciv in your browser (

Andreas(R) writes: A web client for the open source strategy game Freeciv has been created. This is an interesting showcase for the possibilities of HTML5 and the new Canvas element. Further, it is also a demostration of how one can turn a desktop application into a rich web application. The game can be played online against other players, or in single player mode against AI opponents.

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