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Submission + - AMD running dry?

SoTuA writes: Analysts report that AMD is in financial problems. The fierce battles with Intel in the past years have taken its toll, with AMD showing a important stock price drop during the last 12 months, while Intel remains steady. Reportedly AMD is cash-strapped after buying out ATi and upgrading their factories. Will AMD turn this trend around with the launch of Barcelona, or will Intel regain the ground recently lost in the CPU market?

Submission + - Ray Ozzie on Novell Acquisition of XenSource

An anonymous reader writes: Ray Ozzie has just revealed one of Microsoft's fruits from its deal with Novell. On the face of it, Novell is set to acquire XenSoruce. From the ongoing discussions: 'They (Novell) will release a new ZENworks Q1 for application virtualization on Windows and Suse. Novell also has the only reliable Identity Management, and Directory that scales the Enterprise... consider that if Microsoft purchased XenSource directly then VMWare and the other virtualization vendors would rightly scream "Antitrust"'

Submission + - 1TB hard drives are here

SparkyTWP writes: "After much anticipation, Hitachi has announced a new hard drive with 1 terrabyte capacity. They are SATA/PATA 7200RPM, should retail for about $400 and will be available this quarter."

Submission + - The waste at the heart of the web

An anonymous reader writes: No surprise that energy consumption is now a huge cost at a data center. The A-team at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs is exploring ways to reduce waste through fewer AC/DC conversions This article from New Scientist (non-free registration) covers this and other approaches and outlines how our growing trend for always on web entertainment services has a dollar and environmental cost.

From the article "computers now consume about 10 per cent of the electricity generated in the US" and the "creation, packaging, storage and movement of just 10 megabytes of data — from the making of the hardware to the running of the system that delivers it to you — requires the energy equivalent of burning 900 grams of coal." Think about that next time you You Tube
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - GPLv3 Questions & Answers

ismak writes: "Umeet 2006, this year's online conference on Free Software, will be holding a GPLv3 Questions & Answers session with Richard Stallman. The session is this Tuesday, December 19th, at 18:00 UTC on the #umeet channel on
If you plan on attending Tuesday's session, you will want to read the background information on the GPLv3 that Richard Stallman has made available."

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