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Comment Re:of course drugs are different (Score 2, Informative) 630

Simple solution - give them their next fix for free.

This isn't a theoretical idea - the British did it for forty years, from 1926 to 1964, and it meant that heroin addiction simply wasn't a social problem. They only stopped because do-gooders got scared about increasing use in the 60s.

It's not like heroin actually costs money to make. It's only the illegality of it that causes the sort of descent into hell you are worried about.

There are plenty of people who have regular easy access to heroin - doctors, for example - who lead perfectly good lives, holding down jobs and relationships, while being full throttle addicts.

Addicts only crave the drug when they can't get enough (If no amount is enough, then they have a serious personality problem, which has nothing to do with the drug). It's the prohibition that stops them getting enough. So it's the prohibition that causes the harm.

Comment Re:I see some possibilities here (Score 2, Funny) 137

You Yankees have some weird ideas about Australia :)

I have lived here for 40 years. I have never seen an emu, a snake (poisinous or otherwise) or a kangaroo outside a zoo - those being the only animals more dangerous than a rabbit. Of our two even vaguely poisonous spiders, I have seen a red-back exactly twice.

I would be more worried about staying in America and getting eaten by a grizzly. Although you do need to watch out for drop-bears over here ...

Comment Re:These people are insane. (Score 1) 137

That's not so much the issue for us. Our problem is that the US forced a bilateral "free" trade agreement down our throat (in exchange for promising to buy more of our sheep. maybe. someday. ) that has most of the DMCA in it.

All this case proved is that they didn't quite get enough detail about how ISPs should crawl to movie companies into the FTA legislation. An error I am sure they will fix in short order.

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