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Comment Long way away (Score 1) 559

Its still a Long way away before desktops are made obsolete as a method of computing. personally, I do not prefer to use a laptop other than web surfing and light applications. for anything needing advanced computing I use a desktop that I can easily upgrade and change as I see fit. When desktop needs an upgrade, You only need to upgrade that one component that needs it (within limits). You do not have that freedom with laptops and other mobile devices. Desktop computing will still be here for a LONG time. and even then, when its not, Newegg will still be my preferred place to shop for anything computer or electronic/entertainment.

Comment AMD! (Score 2) 193

I will continue to buy AMD. ive compared my sub $500 AMD rigs with comparable Intel rigs, I don't see why spending 2 to 4 times the amount of money for intel over AMD when AMD does a fine job. My Phenom II 945 has served me well, runs cool, runs fast, everything I put on it it takes like a champ. I have yet to stress out the Phenom. Ive run multiple games on it, audio and video work on it. The only 'advanced' thing I haven't done on it is CAD and seti@home. Why spend 2 or 3 times for the Intel, when all i'm buying is a name??? You intel fanbois go ahead, spend your money and feed the giant, duchebags

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