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Comment Re:Smartphone: 35 USD per month (Score 1) 121

You mean the ~$50 it costs to buy a used phone off craigslist and use it as a portable computing device with no phone service (and therefore no re-occurring cost)... If you can't manage that then bitcoin probably isn't the problem.... Honestly if you are using bitcoin then you probably have friends with an unused android device they could just give you....

Adobe Warns of Critical Flash Bug, Already Being Exploited 244

Trailrunner7 writes "On the same day that it plans to release a patch for a critical flaw in Shockwave, Adobe confirmed on Thursday morning that there is a newly discovered bug in Flash that is being actively exploited already in attacks against Reader. The vulnerability affects Flash on all of the relevant platforms, including Android, as well as Reader on Windows and Mac, and won't be patched for nearly two weeks. The new Flash bug came to light early Thursday when a researcher posted information about the problem, as well as a Trojan that is exploiting it and dropping a pair of malicious files on vulnerable PCs. Researcher Mila Parkour tested the bug and posted a screenshot of the malicious files that a Trojan exploiting the vulnerability drops during its infection routine. Adobe has since confirmed the vulnerability and said that it is aware of the attacks against Reader."

Submission + - Steve Jobs tries to sneak shurikens on to plane (

An anonymous reader writes: Steve Jobs, while on a family vacation to Japan in July, picked himself up some Shuriken, otherwise known as Ninja throwing stars, as a souvenir.

In his wisdom he decided to put them in his carry on luggage for the return journey. As it was a private plane he probably thought there would be no issue, but he was wrong. Even private plane passengers have to have all their baggage scanned, and the throwing stars were detected and deemed a hazard.

It’s alleged that Jobs argued that he could take them on the plane as no one could steal them on his private jet and use them. Security at the airport disagreed and demanded he remove the stars. Jobs, clearly angry at losing his throwing weapons, stated he would not be returning to the country.

Comment Re:"significantly affected"? (Score 1) 911

I have actually done similar tests with my and my roommates. However the one major thing is that on the track you are not reacting to the environment around you as much as you are to the turns you have repeated over and over in previous runs of the track. I don't doubt your ability to drive but I 'DO' doubt your ability to react to other drivers (fast enough). There are way too many stupid people driving stupidly on the road to predict easily while buzzed.

Comment Re:Both sides behaved terribly (Score 1) 253

Since the contract was no longer binding, I think it was terribly nice of him to still offer to hand over the password.

I'm pretty sure most contracts like that ARE binding even after you quit. Otherwise disgruntled employees would leak passwords and/or sensitive materials from major corporations / government organizations to the public all the time.


Submission + - Ron Paul delegates denied Texas straw poll entry (

HaTaX writes: As taken from the comments on the submitted YouTube video:

"The vote was supposed to be until 1 or 2 pm, but GOP security prevented registered Delegates from entering the building who were wearing Ron Paul signs at 10am.I was standing over by the Granny warriors when 2 delegates approached me and asked me to help them get into the convention center. They had showed up at the door a little before 10am wearing Ron Paul shirts. The security guard told them to change into proper attire. They left and changed then came back and it was now 10:10/10:20 and the security told them the registration was closed. Apparently everyone who showed up from out of town or with an online registration recpt. was denied access unless they got there before 10am and in proper attire."-snip-

So the real question is why hasn't a media outlet even touched this topic yet, it's been a few days and nothing has really surfaced beyond the typical extremists websites.

This is a video of the speech he gave in Texas the night before the straw poll on Saturday.

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