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Comment Re:There are employers in France? (Score 1) 234

"socialist shithole" ? Seriously ?
Did you had a look at what happened the last 5 years ?
The socialist president and governments have done more for companies, and less for people than the previous, right wing one. Socialist does not mean anything anymore. It's just a label politics chose when they get out of the ENA (National School for Administration : it's where most politics come from, they never had a real job).
Once in charge, they only do things to please their friends and sponsors

Comment French Bashing Is Easy, but ... (Score 1) 234

please note that :

- the law says 35h/week, but it is not enforced everywhere, far from that. Almost all companies have a negotiated agreement. The law say that if you work 35h/w, you get nothing, and if you work 39h/w, you get about 22 days of additional free time. The agreement usually says you get 10 to 15 days, period.
So I can work 35h/w and get 15 days ? Yes, may be. But most people work 39h/w, and often more.
So, who is the winner ? The company of course. The law and its application are different.

- there are many countries which have work hours less than the French 35h/week. what not talking about these ones ?

- what about productivity ? Many studies show that French are much more productive than many other countries.

Cliché ?

Alright, my turn : stop bashing France, you Americans who will kill themselves working like crazy 50, 60, 70h/w or more. Your productivity is less than French.

Submission + - Trash Your Pictures Because Nikon Not Able To Provide Mac Capture NX2 Support

AncalagonTotof writes: Call it information or rant against a brand by an angry customer. Depending on your choice, this post may be moderated. But I'll give a try.

I'll try to make it short, exposing my chronology :
— 2004 : first DSLR, a Nikon D70; I shoot RAW almost immediately
— I began to use Capture NX
— 2006 : second DSLR, still shooting in RAW
— 2008 : bought a Capture NX2 license
— 2013 : third DSLR, still shooting in RAW
— 2013 too : first Macintosh, running OS X 10.8 or 10.9. Of course, I began to use Capture NX2 on this machine
— 2014 : Nikon stopped Capture NX2, and released the free Capture NX-D (free as free beer. Wonderful ? Careful, there are traps;

From 2013 to now :
— OS X : updated to Yosemite (10.10), then El Capitan (10.11), and recently to Sierra (10.12) (
— one or two years ago, I had to reinstall OS X from scratch, and that's when problems began

It was OK so far, because Capture NX2 was installed under OS X 10.8 or 10.9.
But on a fresh install >= 10.10, Capture NX2 refuses to install correctly. Even when using backups instead of the installer, it refuses my license number.

Do the programmers among you feel where may be the problem ?
My guess is that the lazy Nikon programmer compared the current OS X version to 10.6 (I guess it is the minimum requirement).
But, they did it using strings !
Thus, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12 < 10.6, because it's like 10.1 < 10.6, so go away, I won't install !

Some would say : just upgrade to Capture NX-D, stupid, it's free !

No, that's not as simple as that.

Differences between NX2 and NX-D :
— NX2 stores your work in the RAW file itself; NX-D uses a "sidecar" file. This means that all the work you do in NX-D is lost if you switch back to NX2. Which is what you're likely to do after few minutes trying the free version (because it brings nothing, except poor performances)
— NX2 has a very useful set of tools based on Nik software U-Points; NX-D has not. This means that all the work you did with NX2 is lost at once when you load a file in NX-D, not only because of the missing sidecar, but mainly because NX-D has lost the U-Point functionality

When Google bought Nik software, Nikon was not smart enough to make a deal that would preserve the work of its customers.

So Nikon is basically saying "thank you, you cannot edit your work any more with our software you bought a license for, we don't care, GFY now".

Yes, I did try under Windows. Yes, Capture NX2 works, even under Windows 10. So what ? I should trash my Mac for a Windows machine then ?

I'd rather post this story first. It may be good for others to know about, in addition to the problems that occurred on almost ALL recent Nikon DSLRs :
— D600, quickly replaced by D610. Finally, angry customers got support for their D600, but it was hard to get
— D810, D750 had problems
— event the D500, which was heading toward stores was recalled before the first unit was sold ...

They also decided to raise the prices of their lenses a year ago. The only explanation I can imagine is : shareholders.

And next time I'll feel the need for new gear, may be I'll consider a switch to Canon or Pentax.

Comment Re:Bluetooth delay (Score 1) 141

You're right, it's part of the process and I shouldn't have neglected it. But I think it's not the main reason for the delay.
Just keep in mind that there is more than that, especially in the case of a car (that I don't know everything about), but also in a BT speaker (which I know much more because it's part of my job).

Comment Re:Bluetooth delay (Score 1) 141

There are many potential causes for the delay. And they can add a second here, few ms there. I guess that :
- there is the button on your wheel that goes through the car wiring and base embedded system : can (and CAN !) take time.
- the button event is communicated to the infotainment system : should be fast, but who knows ?
- the infotainment system sends an AVRCP (play, stop, pause, next/previous track) command through its Bluetooth module : some of these can also take time. I had the case where play was immediate, but pause (same play/pause command in fact) took 3 seconds. By the way, next/previous may be used in two way : short press (for track change) or long press (for fast forward/backward). May be your car system waits a bit to know of its a short or a long press.
- your phone receives the command and propagates it to the music player : depending on the music player, there may be some fading delay. Check your player settings !

By the way, may I ask how this topic is related to the initial post (cURL) ? Oh, yes, the mail example ... A bit light may be ...

Comment Qt (Score 1) 133

I'm already using Qt and am happy to stay away from the painful VS.
- under Windows, Qt uses gcc/MinGW (or VS compiler if you wish)
- under Mac OS X, Qt uses XCode compiler
- under Linux, Qt uses native and easily installed gcc

At the time of the version 3, I also had the opportunity to work with the embedded version (user interface in trains, running on PPC computers).

So there is Qt, and there are many other solutions described in the other comments. M$, what are you doing here, then ?

By the way, since Skype is made using Qt : M$, please, explain why there are so many differences between versions, especially with the Linux one ? Need some lessons in portability ?

Comment Re:Here's the problem with stereo Bluetooth: (Score 5, Informative) 385

To add details to your answer : first point, look at your source : is it FLAC or MP3 (or any equivalent). If the source is bad, it cannot be better at the other end.

AFAIK, Bluetooth uses an A2DP pipe and this pipe allows the transmission of data using 4 codecs :
- SBC : the first historically, the worst in quality
- MP3
- aptX

SBC, AAC and MP3 are lossy codecs. I never saw a product that accept AAC or MP3. There must be a license to pay to use MP3; may be also for AAC.
aptX is both lossy and lossless. And most source devices (smartphones, computers ...) are aptX ready.

So, the technology already here to allow a much better quality than what we know (as long as one can force the use of the lossless variant of aptX, which is ... well, you know ... Obfuscated to say the least).

Then what ?
Then CSR : the dominating Bluetooth chips manufacturer. More than 70% of the chips last time I heard.
CSR has patents on aptX.
And patents are meant to make money (yes; were you told otherwise ?).

So, the sink devices (BT speakers, car audio systems, ...) are aptX ready only if the manufacturer paid CSR. I'm not sure, may be $1 per product. That's a lot compared to the rest of the BOM. A BT speaker you pay $150 cost less than half when leaving the Chinese factory.

And guess what : manufacturers like profit, so they don't pay CSR for aptX and stick to SBC.
The hardware is always ready, the firmware may contain the aptX codec, but if the license key, linked to the BT MAC address of the chip, is not present in the firmware, aptX won't be negotiated as an available codec with the source device. Only SBC will be used, even if your source device can do aptX.

By the way, if you like your music, listen to it on real speakers in your living room !

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