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Comment Cloud! Biggest bang for the buck... (Score 1) 442

Absolutely! A datacenter keeps everything running under optimum conditions: redundant power grid connections, redundant backbone connections, air conditioned environment, restricted high-security access, and professional systems/network/administrative engineers. This option also allows you to purchase only what you need - and you can easily upgrade as those needs grow. Customer support is usually available. And if you have specialized needs, you can rent a server (virtual private server or physical server), or you can co-locate your own server in a datacenter. It does cost money, but think of how much more valuable your time is, compared to the time it takes to administer your server. Also consider the potential loss of income due to downtime. Having run a hosting company in years past, I can tell you the business is cut-throat, with other companies racing to be the cheapest. Prices have been driven so low that it will cost you more for a cuppa' joe at Starbux than it will for a month of hosting. I think the business decision is clear: prices are cheap enough to just leave it to the pros

Comment Fascinating (Score 3, Interesting) 71

It is amazing how technologies shown in Star Trek 45-15 years ago (esp TNG, and Voyager if I daresay) have brought to life by scientists who were inspired by its intellectual dialogue and its incredible technology. Many of the things Star Trek teleporters and replicators, phasers and tricorders, and pads, we marvel at and sometimes wonder how they ever possibly could work, a seemingly impossible feat of mankind's ingenuity. And yet, over the years we have seen so many of them come to life; the Kindle and the iPAD awe me every time I see them. Consider also, MRI imaging. The ability to bring a momentarily-dead person back to life. Transplants of major organs and body parts. And now, possibly, the ability to measure the some of the most minute details of a human that we could possibly conceive. Is this another incredible step forward for mankind and his unrelenting technological, intellectual aspirations? I can't wait to see.

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