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Brain Electrodes Help Injured Man To Speak Again 88

An anonymous reader writes "A man beaten and left for dead has recovered the power of speech thanks to the use of electrodes to stimulate brain activity. 'Experts called the results encouraging but cautioned that the experimental treatment must be tried in more patients before its value can be assessed. The researchers are already proceeding with a larger study. Before the electrodes were implanted, the man was in what doctors call a "minimally conscious state." That means he showed only occasional awareness of himself and his environment. In a coma or vegetative state, by contrast, patients show no outward signs of awareness.'"

Comment Re:This is actually a very bright observation (Score 1) 577

Yeah the author and commenters are ignoring many aspects of skill involved in WoW.

PvP combat, for example, is highly skilled in that there are thousands of potential combinations between spells, tactics, items, and talent distribution. Players can and have beaten others several levels higher, myself included, by using effective combat strategies targeted to my character's class.

The author downplays grouping, but effective group membership is an oft-overlooked skill that is essential for effective players to acquire. Tanking, pulling, healing, and crowd control are tactical skills that do vary in quality from player to player, and groups will suffer or succeed as a result. They aren't quantified as some in-game skill value obviously, but they exist nontheless. Not to mention effective leadership, marketing and recruitment (guilds, groups, raids), and social norms within guilds and parties (the WoW demographic is noticably lacking on understanding social norms).

Another important area not mentioned is the economy, which offers a significant amount of market-oriented information that requires skill, and ultimately this area is highly applicable to the real world. Competitive pricing, value-added production, supply and demand, speculation, market monopoly, bidding strategies, Auctioneer baiting, etc. - this is an extremely rich area.
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Journal Journal: Big JavaDoc Index

I've just uploaded a new Java DocTree index. DocTree is a comprehensive index to the JavaDoc from 56 Java projects. It links to 1521 packages and 20054 classes from a single page which saves you having hundreds of bookmarks for every Java project you use.

Check out DocTree.

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