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Comment Re:An Easy Apology (Score 1) 576

But that's the point. They haven't apology for stealing his work. Only the means they used to get it. The underlying motive here was to get they hands on his work to get control of it. They didn't care one bit about his or many other peoples sexuality regardless of importance. They didn't care before the war, they didn't care during, they didn't care after until.... Someone realized the importance of what he had done.

Comment Re:Actually, it would take 6 windmills (Score 4, Interesting) 510

So the Skystream at 3.7m and 5 Euro/kWh produced enough energy to power 2/3 of an average house. So how close does that come to powering a full remote house who are use to being careful about power. So remote farmhouse in Australia where the neighbour aren't close enough to share a single tower it sounds like this might be an ideal product. Add say gas or good old plain timber burning to cover demand load like cooking and heating a small generator to cover shortfall or emergencies and you have a solution this product suits. Yes wind in built up areas isn't a solution. Yes small turbines when you have distribution density to work with ins't a solution. But doesn't mean these products are useless.

Submission + - Speculation: Signs of a GoogleTalk client coming?

roscoetoon writes: From Garett Rogers Blog:

There is another brand new entry into Google's robots.txt file — it's difficult to know why it's there, but I'll give it a shot. The new entry disallows robots from crawling the "/cricket" directory. But what is "cricket"?

Cricket is the codename for Google Talk according to several sources — including Andrew Girdwood, someone who seems to have contacts inside (or at least who have left) Google. The question is, why would they need to create this entry in the robots file?

I'll give it a shot, but I warn you this is purely speculation and shouldn't be taken for anything other than that. Maybe they are creating an embeddable Google Talk client for your website — direct access to you if you are online. I would assume you would need to be logged into your Google Account and on the person's contact list in order to communicate — or maybe that would be optional?

Do you have any other ideas why they would add this to their robots.txt file?

Or, more likely, it could simply be for a "cricket" gadget.

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