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Submission + - ATM's almost as secure as voting machines

Analogy Man writes: On CNN there is a video of a scam using prepaid debit cards and a backdoor key sequence to get 20's instead of 5's from an ATM.

With recent troubles with elections and voting machines I wonder how long it will take this ATM manufacturer to close this loophole in ATM security compared to how long it will take Diebold and others to address the inate insecurity of their voting machines.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Nano ITX Still Too Much and Not Enough

Analogy Man writes: The Nano ITX form factor doesn't appear to getting a great deal of traction in the marketplace. Reviewers like the size, but the onboard video, lightweight VIA processor etc. seem to miss the mark for a media PC. I do a lot of testing and demonstrations of an enterprise application from my laptop, so I was interested in taking this form factor in another direction.

If one dispensed with all of the onboard graphics and audio and pared the interfaces down to a pair of USB 2 ports and a network interface in exchange for some CPU horsepower I would toss a few of servers in my laptop bag, a router and a NAS and walk into a customer site with a datacenter over my shoulder. It would lend a dimension of reality/credibility to testing and demonstrations if the components were on seperate physical devices rather than virtual servers.

Do other /.'ers see the value in this for the mobile IT professional?

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