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Comment Re:Engineers? (Score 1) 445

Calling programmers "Engineers" is stupid.

Our department is Measurements & Controls, which develops measurement software that relies heavily on image analysis and advanced math. We have engineers, scientists, and PhDs with software experience developing our systems. Our systems are deployed worldwide and have to work out of the starting gate. Our experience has shown that "programmers" and "computer science" graduates lack the work ethic and math background required to accomplish those goals.

The "engineer" job title applied to a "programmer" is certainly misleading.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 1) 619

The better question is what he's done right. So far he has signed an unconstitutional executive order,

The same is true for Obama when he was POTUS.

inflamed tensions with Russia and North Korea,

Obama didn't do any better.

sent his press secretary out to blatantly and obviously lie to the press,

True for Obama.

vacillated on his positions regarding (insert country here)

True for Obama.

accused the previous administration of criminality with no proof or evidence

Obama blamed the previous administration too.

and acted surprised that things like health care legislation and international relations are complicated.

And also true for Obama when he was POTUS.

So are we done singling out Trump?

Comment Transportation vs Municipal Internet (Score 1) 341

Someone needs to explain to me why taxpayer dollars freely go to public transportation systems - highways and airports - while taxpayer dollars for internet services go to private corporations whose only perceived purpose is legalized monopolization.

The cable TV and telecommunication corporations' ultimate goal isn't just eliminating competition, their ultimate goal is absolute ownership of the wires/fiber networks that deliver internet services. That is the key to shutting out or hampering competition. We saw this happen when cable TV providers tightened their iron grip on delivery systems when deregulation reared its ugly head.

I hate the cable and satellite TV providers with a passion, in the last 25 years they have shown they are despicable greedy bastards. They continue to raise prices, restrict program material, and shut out competition who desire to lease their networks. They infiltrate government positions and maintain lobbying services to perpetuate their monopolies. I refused to patronize them and have cut the cable since 2000.

Contrast this with the transportation network. Before the 1950s, many bridges were still privately owned and vehicles had to pay a toll. Likewise with roads that were on private property. These assets were removed from private ownership, which opened the gates to better maintained and patrolled roadways. The public benefits from the arrangement as it permitted freer safer flow of goods and services. Likewise with the airports. Because those arteries are such an essential component to the nation, labor unions are forbidden to initiate any action that could impede them.

Give the $$$ to the cable and telecommunication corporations, and the public gains NOTHING. It is a safe bet that once the networks are established, the corporations will use the "tier" subscription system to restrict high speed internet to the most expensive plans to the consumer. We have seen this already with large telecommunication corporations and with entertainment content with the cable TV corporations. The public taxpayer ultimately LOSES in this deal.

Comment No thanks (Score 1) 69

Last year FB was caught red-handed censoring political news. They can no longer be trusted with political matters (or any news for that matter) and I have no intention of using any of their political features. What is to stop FB from disabling "town hall" notices from FB members affiliated with the political opposition? The liberals have gone too far in infiltrating news outlets, social media, "fact checkers", and other internet resources as well as rigging the elections. This chicanery must end.

Comment First Sale Doctrine (Score 1) 243

The First Sale Doctrine was a legal ruling to prevent these kinds of restrictions to consumers of products under copyrights and/or trademarks. The basic concept is that once the product is lawfully sold or even transferred gratuitously, the copyright owner's interest in the product in which the copyrighted work is embodied is exhausted. Regarding trademarks, it immunizes resellers from infringement liability as long as the product has not been altered so as to be materially different from those originating from the trademark owner.

But there is no legal precedent to patents. I think a good legal argument can be made that the First Sale Doctrine should apply to lawfully traded goods which are under patent.

Comment Authors refuse to deal with Hollywood (Score 3, Interesting) 542

Hollywood demands that authors of original works sign one-sided contracts that obligate them to give up their publishing and copyrights in exchange for a cut of the net profits. The problem with "net profits" is that Hollywood uses "Hollywood Accounting" tricks to turn profits into a loss and deprive authors of royalty payments. There's a REASON why established actors demand payment UP FRONT.

Some authors have sought legal relief and won, but the process is prohibitively expensive enough to discourage litigation - and Hollywood knows it. The authors may have had their day in court but they have lost control of their original material forever, as those contracts are sealed in iron-clad concrete that the control freak entertainment industry refuses to give up.

The problem isn't the lack of new ideas. The true problem is that authors have been screwed by Hollywood for so long that they refuse to sell their original works that could be made into a movie or TV show. Hollywood can't find authors willing to sell them new ideas, so they re-hash existing ones in their control into re-makes, sequels, prequels, baby versions, et al all in a formulaic process. Small wonder that there is little original material coming out of Hollywood anymore. How many more damn re-makes of "King Kong" does the world need?

Comment Targeted Demographic=Narrow Market (Score 4, Insightful) 203

Narrowing the targeted demographic to young females is a bad marketing strategy. Besides radio, television and retail malls had the same target audience - young females who are impulsive buyers and impressionable. Television eventually became saturated with poor program material and the ads became longer and more frequent. That had no appeal to the rest of the demographic and they drove away a large body of viewers. For the last ten years there have been a growing number of viewers who gave up broadcast television and cut the cable. The only time I watch TV is in the hotel room when I am traveling, and it has gotten steadily worse - with the barrage of ads, a 90 minute movie is dragged out to three hours with literally 10 minutes of ads for every ten minutes of program (I timed it).

The same thing happened with retail malls. The only stores and products remaining in them are those that appeal to young female impressionable impulsive buyers. Again the rest of the demographic found little appeal, abandoned retail stores in droves, and major chains (Sears, Macy's, JC Penney) are closing anchor stores around the country.

I abandoned radio ten years ago because the new music no longer appeals to me and the ads were becoming longer and more frequent. There are a lot other people like myself who don't fit the demographic of young impressionable females who have also grown tired of radio. Radio (and television) is no longer about supporting refreshing new art, it is about drawing listeners to advertisers. And those advertisers pressure the marketing department to play music that draws in impulsive buyers. We hear the same brain-dead drivel being rotated over and over and over.

There's a reason why streaming services have blossomed. There's a lot of good program material that isn't getting played on television/radio, and people will go elsewhere to find them.

Comment Should be mandatory course in grade school (Score 1) 402

When I was in college back in the 80s, I took a humanities course that studied the manipulations and deceptions of MSM. Boy were my eyes opened. I learned real fast how to weed out misinformation.

A course like this should be mandatory in grade school. But as long as public schools are under control of the liberals, they won't allow it.

Comment Re:Yeah, no thanks. (Score 1) 85

I don't even list my employer on my FB profile.

My vocation is listed as "Professional Crash Test Dummy"
My employer is listed as "I work at an office"
I don't even list my location or educational institutions. FB occasionally nags me to update my profile but I ignore them. The less FB knows about me, the better.

Comment Re:CNN? (Score 1) 161

The other problem is news outlets reporting only part of the story or not reporting at all through indifference.

Where I live, there are two newspapers. One is blatantly liberal and the other is balanced. Many times I will see the same story or editorial appear in both papers, but the liberal one had omitted some crucial details which altered the context of the story. That is subtle but dangerous.

Then there are the news events that are not getting reported. A good example is the gun control agenda of news outlets. There have been many cases of gun violence (home invasion, attempted mass shooting, etc) that have been thwarted by a good guy with legal possession of a gun. And government and university studies that prove that violent crimes increases in cities/countries with gun control laws (not just the US). The news outlets won't report these stories because it would nullify their gun control agenda.

These are just as dangerous as fake news.

Comment Market prices for used Mac Pros (Score 2) 328

Have you seen the market prices for used Mac Pros? The last of the "cheese grater" Mac Pros - especially the 12 core models - are trading for serious bucks, almost their original sale price. When Apple released the inferior "new" Mac Pro, the demand for the older systems went up.

Man am I glad I abandoned the Windows world and bought my 12-core Mac Pro back in 2012.

Comment NetFlix is a convenient scapegoat (Score 1) 316

As usual, Hollywood is never at fault and it is someone else's fault...

I'm not a subscriber to Netflix and had been buying DVDs (no BR) the last twelve years.

My buying habit slowed WAY down not because of competing services, but because Hollywood intentionally limited the selection of movies to release on DVDs. I'm not a fan of recent releases and prefer buying older movies. But there are a LOT of good movies that are not getting released on DVD, and the older releases are harder to find. Screw the DVD releases of TV shows. In the twelve years I have been buying DVDs it was not missed that the selection of legacy titles on the store shelves has remained stagnant; I found myself returning to store less frequently because I had found no more titles than what I have already seen before. I'd like to buy more, but there is nothing there.

And this is the fault of Netflix HOW?

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