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Comment Re:Taxes (Score 2) 932

What about the taxes we already pay to the state for DOT maintenance? What about the income taxes we already pay? What about the vehicle taxes we already pay for 'regular yearly use' (at least in NC we do).

different taxes. if you are complaining about this, may i suggest you petition your elected officials to adopt a flat rate tax. until then, all of this has zero to do with the gas tax they are looking to replace.

What about the inspection fees we have to pay? What about tax-title-tag fees when we buy a vehicle?

you are complaining about state issues. my state doesn't have the same inspection fees as you, nor does my state have the same tax-title-tag fees when we buy a vehicle (and if you are an out of state buyer, there are no tax title tag fees). so something tells me this is going to remain the same because *gasp* it's not related to the gas tax.

What about the taxes added to gasoline and diesel prices?

whew, finally got threw the the ridiculous questions and found something related to this article. we will not ween America off of oil. period. oil is used in EVERYTHING today. that plastic keyboard you're banging on? yea. so your idea of taxing vehicles to ween the US off oil is a misguided fallacy. this policy is to REPLACE the gasoline tax which will see it's revenue stream decrease as hybrid and full-on electric engines become the norm (gas may hit $10/gal but that is moot when you only need one gallon to move 600 miles as opposed to $4/gal @ 25 gallons). so you may very well see gas taxes lifted (or more probable, lowered) as a mileage tax takes off.

Would this policy exempt electronic vehicles? Ethanol/Corn Derivatives? Motorcycles? Scooters?

you tell me. seriously, you tell me. this isn't something some overpowering dictator is pushing onto it's people, it is what your elected officials are doing in the interest of their people. you can easily write your congressman and senator and demand certain vehicles to be exempt. your voice isn't being heard? hire lobbyists to make your voice louder.

How about cutting the defense budget

as for your pedestal about the defense budget... just remember this. DoD creates a LOT of jobs. slashing the defense budget is akin to putting people on the street. i can tell you the IT industry alone would suffer from the amount of contractors that would flood to the streets. think dot-comdays multiplied across every industry DoD contracts to. maybe later, maybe gradually, but definitely not now.

but even if you taxed 100% of every single person's income

also, if you taxed 100% of everyone's income you have what is called socialism. you are correct if you are saying socialism does not create a balanced budget. you are incorrect if you are saying raising taxes does not reduce the deficit.

Comment Re:Lost the war? (Score 1) 322

don't connect to the playstation network and you won't get the firmware upgrades. they patch a flaw for security reasons and they tell you this if you connect to psn. keep a standalone ps3 and you can mod to your hearts content. this is why i owned 2 xbox 360s

Comment Re:Politics aside, wtf is wrong with Google? (Score 2, Informative) 650

anybody trying to find the rally with an iPhone will get the wrong directions if this is allowed to stand

uh no. dc resident here. you can see the lincoln memorial from the FDR memorial. while this google thing is odd, yes, if you can't find the lincoln memorial while you are standing around confused at the FDR memorial.. you have bigger problems to worry about.


Comment Re:Google TV (Score 4, Informative) 120

Yes. In fact, if you watched the worldcup on ESPN online you were watching the stream coming from a local server hosted by your ISP.

Although, to be pedantic, not all CDNs host in every ISP's datacenter... only the really rich ones do. Everyone else just uses anycast to reduce latency. A good write up about anycast is here

Comment Re:It's not a good thing but not the problem state (Score 1) 307

There was nothing compelling Apple to remove DRM from the iTunes store, they did it because they didn't want DRM. Apple had pretty much cornered the portable mp3/AAC player market, so it's not as if they were pressured into removing DRM. Without the pressure from Apple, there's a good chance we would still be waiting for legal, cheap, DRM-free music downloads.

"Hi I represent Universal, Sony, Virgin, and EMI. We would like all content pulled from iTunes. Thanks"

Don't forget Apple corned the PLAYER market but not the DISTRIBUTION market. Amazon et. al could easily have offerend larger returns compared to Apple for going with MP3 only downloads. Apple decided to get rid of DRM and thus look like a good guy to the rest of the world. Don't get it twisted, Apple did not want to get rid of DRM but they had no choice.

Comment Re:What it doesn't say (Score 2, Informative) 133

uh the rootkit also enables you to break out of the vm. but the problem here is the application inside the vm didn't break out. it has no way of interfacing with the system until the vm creates an interface. so again, you cannot break out of the vm as a developer. there are no magic holes in davlikvm. if you re-read the thread it all started with people saying "omg can we just click and exploit?!" and the answer is no you cannot. you may be able to attack specific devices (again, see sdx-developers).

i do want to thank you for reaffirming my statement. we need to provide the security ourselves and protect our phones.

Comment Re:What it doesn't say (Score 4, Insightful) 133

Ok as an android developer, you can't break out of the VM. period. that's the whole point of it. this exploit they are talking about is a kernel driver which you would include in a custom rom that you download from, say, sdx-developers (shoutout!). Now once you have a kernel rootkit, well you know the hell that can cause. But let's face it folks, mobile computing is here to stay. This is no different than having a rootkit on your windows box and tethering it through your phone. All the phone company sees are packets. It's also time to realize that our phones are full fledged computers. You gotta protect them.

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