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Comment how's the software? (Score 5, Insightful) 106

There's so much hardware out there... you got Arduino's, lots of clones, Raspberry Pi's, C.H.I.P, etc.

What they don't tell you is how the software is. Is it up to date, or does it still run Linux 3.x? What Linux distros does it run? Can you run stock Ubuntu, or do you need some guy's custom build that's two years old and you can't apt-get upgrade?

My specific beef: It looks like the VoCore2 rans OpenWrt. Which version? Custom build that's updated every six months?

And, thanks to Indiegogo, you can't post a comment (to ask a question) without contributing. What a bunch of bull.

Comment gimme a pitch on FreeBSD (Score 2) 121

I've been a long-time Linux user, but I'm not religious about it, and I've always been curious about the BSDs.

Can someone give me an elevator pitch, especially about FreeBSD, seemingly the most popular of the BSDs? All the (server) software I use on a regular basis runs on FreeBSD.

Before someone says "just try it," there's sooo much cool stuff to try (currently learning Clojure and Raspberry Pi stuff), so I need a reason to try it.

Gimme some.

Comment Re:I hate bad journalism like this... (Score 1) 404

[Warning: I actually read the article.]

Comparing this huge ship to others ships isn't exactly accurate either.

If this record-size ship is parked next to the city where you live, it'll be little comfort that it is hyper-efficient when your grandparents head to the hospital for asthma problems.

Efficiency matters, of course, but so do aggregate emissions.

Also, many times, _multiple_ ships are parked at the same time!

Comment non-profits, FreeCodeCamp, (Score 2) 255

Some of the advice here seems pretty bad. Download a CS paper and implement the algorithm??

* meet-ups
* internships / apprenticeships

Find a real project, and try to pair with someone. Best way is via the websites above, unless you know someone.

e.g., You find out a local soup kitchen needs a website. They could also use an app to register incoming folks (one soup kitchen I volunteered at asked for name, age, and number of kids). So you build a WordPress site and write an Android tablet app or something.

* You learn the whole SLDC, especially users and requirements gathering
* There's so much more to programming than code. Databases, testing, etc.
* Might get a job out of it.

Comment Re:Why Are We Ignoring Some Greenhouse Gases? (Score 1) 345

Reducing methane emissions would make the greatest impact. In 2014, methane made up about 11% of GHG emissions (, but methane traps 20x more heat than CO2.

The only "plus" is that it doesn't survive long in the atmosphere (, so it's effect is muted over time, which also means that if we stop emitting so much methane, we'd see a quick payback period.

N2O is the other huge culprit. It's warming effect is hundreds of times stronger than CO2, and sticks around for 100 years in the atmosphere.

TLDR: STOP EATING BEEF! between cow burps (CH4) and manure (N2O) have huge direct impacts on the environment, not to mention the indirect effects (fertilizer for growing food for cattle, cutting down trees for grazing, etc.).

Comment Freelancer's Union, all the way (Score 2) 113

For those of you as contractors, I highly recommend The Freelancer's Union ( Liability, disability, and life insurance, all reasonable. Even medical and dental insurance in some places, like NYC.

Reasonable prices, and fast customer service.

Disclaimer: I'm just a happy customer/client/member, whatever you wanna call it.

Comment DeVry = awful IT curriculum (Score 1) 295

I got a job offer from DeVry recently. They wanted me to teach C to their two-year networking students as their first (and only) programming language.

Yes, that's right: C! To community college students studying "network administration".

I didn't take the job. I think I would have been doing the students a disfavor by teaching them C. Nothing to do with C, but you don't teach networking students C at all, let alone as their first programming language (second, if you could Batch/bash).

Comment Re:How about we disband the Dept of Education? (Score 1) 295

No federal student loans at all? Are state-level student loans OK? My state (NJ) has a state-level program, but I doubt any state would be able to fill the vacuum of federal money.

Be careful what you wish for: without federal money, many colleges would close down, foreign students wouldn't find it an attractive place to get educated, and we'd lose our R&D prowess (which means our national security would suffer after a while).

How do you think all those highly-educated individuals designing our next generation weapon systems and defense systems got their educations?

Comment Re:Just say "No" (Score 1) 410

There's so many things wrong with your post.

  • Oil is not the largest source of pollution, here or in most of the world. Coal is.
  • We are not doing "fairly well". Sweden is doing fairly well. We're continuing to do poorly. We polluted the skies for most of the 20th century, and by a stroke of accident via shale natural gas, are decreasing our CO2 emissions slowly.

Comment Re:Let us not forget... (Score 1) 822

I would argue that Assange isn't a journalist, but a fame whore. I highly recommend the document "We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks". Link to Netflix Instant View:

The documentary is very good, IMHO, and argues that Assange is actually kind of a glutton for media attention. He did a really good thing (started Wikileaks, and perhaps more importantly, gave it name recognition and branding) and and now uses it to empower himself, the bastard. Which doesn't diminish his contribution, but makes him a less trustworthy character at this point.

Comment I used to teach at a community college (Score 2) 398

I feel bad for students studying IT at community colleges, especially in Detroit. Why aren't they be hired, instead of politicians asking to import foreign labor?

It's frustrating, because I want to be able to tell them that because of a shortage of IT workers, big companies are looking to hire and train them.

But they're not... IBM/Accenture/etc. would rather hire foreigners at lower rates than hire local community college students that understand the American language and culture perfectly.

Forget IBM/Accenture/etc.... now the local _politicians_ are saying that those students aren't going to get IT jobs because local foreigners are going to get them.

I understand that the local politicians are in a very tough spot, since the decisions that are dooming Detroit were made decades ago. With a shrinking population, imported high-income (therefore, high tax paying) labor seems like as good a decision as any, but, frankly, it's insulting to the local students.

Tell me that as a 18-year-old impressionable youth in Detroit, after hearing this article, you wouldn't think that a life of drugs and crime would be a better way to get out of poverty than IT.

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