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Comment Re:Credit Card Features and Rewards (Score 1) 455

These perks that have been built up over the years are not free, they are paid for by interchange fees

Okay, so reduce the amount I pay and then let me decided whether I want to use the I amount I justed saved to pay for things I need, rather than paying for perks I will never use. Why should I pay for travel insurance if I never travel? Isn't this the exact same argument as bundling things?

Comment Re:CRT's (Score 1) 358

Imagine how this might work with Wayland: Game renders at one resolution (say, 640x480) generates output and sends it to the compositor. The compositor takes the game window and scales it to match the actual screen resolution (say, 1920x1080). No hacks needed. /me drools a bit

Feed 300 First 2007 Blockbuster (

The ancient battle of Thermopylae stars in 300, which debuts with opening-weekend ticket sales of $70 million. By the Associated Press. Plus: A gallery of photo stills from the film homage to Frank Miller's graphic novel.

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