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Comment Sociopaths running everything (Score 1) 98

Sociopaths are running nearly everything. A Samsung CEO isn't content making tens of millions of dollars a year; he needs to make billions overnight, like the Zuckerbergs and Brins. So who cares that 90% of startups fold, and that 99.999% will never see the fluky success of the big IPOs. Who cares that there's no logic or skill behind those flukes; no revolutionary ideas, just being the lucky SOB with the right incremental idea at the right time with the right suckers. Who cares that startups are lean because they have to be; they can't afford highly specialized market analysis teams, a trained sales force, diverse domain experts, scientists and engineers with proven track records--everything that a larger company can do to actually understand the marketplace and build products that actually solve customers' needs. Let's waste all those specialized resource, flatten all the hierarchies, throw all the ingredients into a big blender and produce homogenized slop. No evil waterfall planning here!

Comment Re:Proof that D-Wave is actually a Quantum Process (Score 1) 157

Shifting goalposts. D-Wave's critics indeed spent years claiming that the machines were hoaxes and offered no quantum effects. Understandable, as extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and D-Wave was found wanting for some time. Other critics claimed the entire field of quantum computing was fraudulent--this was a hobby horse of cranks and conspiracy theorists, but unfortunately CS attracts a fair number of those. Google's validation of D-Wave's current technology shuts down both those camps of critics.

Comment Re:he should know better (Score 1) 319

A business is not a person and does not have freedom of association. The people running a business have freedom of association, but when they voluntarily organize effort under a certain entity, that entity may be granted certain legal protections but in exchange must follow other laws, including those concerning non-discrimination.

Comment Re:Sad (Score -1, Offtopic) 452

I'm sure Reddit will be really sorry if they lose a bunch of volunteers who turn on the company because the company doesn't publicly discuss an employment issue they are by law not allowed to discuss. Can't imagine a more stable base on which to build an organization.

To hell with apologies, revoke access from all the petulant toddler moderators. For thriving, worthwhile subreddits, shouldn't be hard to find new moderators who can respect their actual role rather than meddling in the business decisions of the company providing all the infrastructure.

But for the psychopathic subreddits based around harassment and MRA crackpottery that have gone dark, hey, feel free to continue the protest forever.

Comment Sad (Score -1, Troll) 452

Sad that the entitled children making up Reddit's user base scored an apology from their temper tantrum. Seriously, is Reddit not allowed to manage their employees as they see fit? They need to launch a /r/WeWantToFireThisPersonIsThatOkWithYou every time this comes up to prevent spoiled babies from holding message boards hostage?

Comment Buried again (Score 1) 384

So editors are in here with disingenuous arguments that Slashdot hasn't been trying to bury the story. Just a busy 5-day weekend for one editor and despite other articles continuing to be posted during that time, this one got missed. Sorry, not "this one", I mean, "the three or four top-rated Firehose submissions". And finally this morning, after letting an article go through, it disappeared off the page after about an hour. Totally unrelated SQL glitch, right?

Submission + - SourceForge MITM Projects ( 2

lister king of smeg writes: What happened?

SourceForge, once a trustworthy source code hosting site, started to place misleading ads (like fake download buttons) a few years ago. They are also bundling third-party adware/malware directly with their Windows installer.

Some project managers decided to leave SourceForge – partly because of this, partly just because there are better options today. SF staff hijacked some of these abandoned accounts, partly to bundle the crapware with their installers. It has become just another sleazy garbage site with downloads of fake antivirus programs and such.

How can I help?

If you agree that SourceForge is in fact distributing malicious software under the guise of open source projects, report them to google. Ideally this will help remove them from search results, prevent others from suffering their malware and provide them with incentive to change their behavior.

As this story has been submitted several times in the past several days, by various submitter and is going around various other tech forums( , , ,) this submitter wonders has our shared "glorious Dice Corporate overloads" been shooting this story down?

Submission + - SourceForge (owned by Slashdot Media) installs ads with GIMP ( 5

careysb writes: SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows on the service, according to e-mails and discussions amongst members of the GIMP community—locking out GIMP's lead Windows developer. And now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer replete with advertisements.

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