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Comment At work or at home? (Score 1) 252

At work, I'm still printing about the same, roughly a ream of archive paperwork per week from horrible archaic software which should have been replaced a decade ago. At home I print virtually nothing, although since getting a new DSLR I have been using services like photobox for high quality digital prints if that counts?

Comment Re:And that means...? (Score 1) 204

Indeed, I remember playing Quake 2 on dialup with 150-200 ping... This feels like the service has been built with the assurance that the associated technologies that it's going to be relying on will have caught up by then. This type of gaming service might just about be viable in 3-4 years, but only to the city dwellers. I can't see it ever working properly out in the rural areas where carriers just don't see enough return against upgrades due to sparse populations.

Comment Re:100GB+ (Score 1) 362

How about not bothering to cap and process it yourself at all? Just download it from usenet or torrents with all the processing, advert chopping, etc done for you.

In fact, just point your download software at the right RSS feed, plug in the right set of wildcard filters and let it get on with it.... Most new TV shows are up on the internet within 1-2 hours of their initial air date....

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