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Comment Re:Choice vs. Sleek (Score 1) 287

20ms was just to say "not a whole lot" - all the small differences amount to nearly as much as when you have dedicated benchmarks showing how Firefox is particularly slow in certain aspects. I tried Chrome for a few weeks recently and the only two things it did noticably better was UI smoothness and web apps like Google Maps. Other than that I was mostly annoyed at many little things that I couldn't adjust, like forcing "new window" links to open in the current tab. And the extensions barely deserve to be called that.

It's nice if Chrome suits you, but get off that high horse.

Comment Re:Choice vs. Sleek (Score 1) 287

Then it should have been funny. The thing about speed is something I never understood... it's a browser. I mostly care about it working the way I want it to, not if it can render some JavaScript gizmo at 35 FPS instead of 20. The smoother interface is nice, but what does loading a webpage 20ms faster buy me? Not much at all.

Comment Re:Don't expect to see this in mainstream news (Score 1) 314

If I buy a glass, then drop it and cut myself, can I sue?
If the edges were sharp enough to cut you in the first place it would be a decent analogy.

Why does it being a third degree burn shift the blame?
Because the courts decided selling food that requires skin grafts in case of an accident was too much.

Comment Re:Don't expect to see this in mainstream news (Score 1) 314

Eh, that's just 90C to 95C. Not even boiling temperature...
Seriously, what the fuck? Maybe there is such an organization and maybe there is such a recommendation, but it sounds crazy to me. Nuernberg defense, anyone? "The NCA says it's supposed to be almost boiling when consumed, so we did that!"
Does not compute.

Comment Re:Don't expect to see this in mainstream news (Score 1) 314

That's what I would've said, too, before the McDonalds' coffee case. Sell 10,000,000,000 cups of coffee, 1,000 morons manage to burn themselves with it, and you have real PR and legal problems on your hands even though the supposed "defect" is a total non-issue in the larger scheme of things.
You mean the case where the coffee was hot enough to cause third degree burns and was complained about multiple times? Not remotely comparable.

Comment Re:It has a story? (Score 1) 259

There isn't so much of a storyline (the "plot" of progression has become more pronounced in every expansion, and WOTLK did a good job at this) but most of what people call story serves purely as background. Most characters in the game have at least some that's conveyed through quest texts, and often this expands through series of quests. In an MMO the possibilities of storytelling could be much better utilised, but the world is fleshed out on such a scale that it would be a simply gargantuan task to play (not to mention develop). I can't imagine a KOTOR-style game that takes a magnitude longer to play through would keep players' attention better.

That's the beauty of the current, sort of simple presentation there is in WoW: If all one wants to see is how many spider eyes need collecting, that's that. If somebody is actually interested in the virtual world they're exploring they'll see more than an empty void when they pull back the curtains.

Comment Yay Copy&Paste... oh wait (Score 5, Interesting) 283

No mention yet about Copy&Paste which the iPhone got a lot of comments about lacking, and was always brought up as a bonus for every other new phone.

Here's how it works on the Pre: You can't copy text that you can't edit. No copying text from a website, or an SMS, or an email unless you reply and copy from there.

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