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Comment Re: Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 248

Global warming and the elimination of global poverty are mutually exclusive.

That has yet to be shown.

But what can be shown is the remarkable counterproductive nature of current mitigation efforts. Germany and Denmark have greatly increased the price of their electricity without significantly changing their CO2 emissions. We continue to have poorly designed carbon credit markets. We continue to have a variety of white elephant projects to product relatively expensive renewable energy using a variety of dead-end technologies.

There has been a great deal of effort put forth into propaganda such as the research of this story that there is only one course of action, extreme, urgent climate mitigation right now. The problem remains as I noted at the beginning that there's no evidence to support these claims. Exaggerated projections based on exaggerated models is not evidence.

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 0) 248

The problem with your plan is that you COULD be alive when the first effects will be felt.

So what? You have yet to show that the "first effects" are going to be serious. In the meantime, status quo means I'll probably live to see half the world achieve developed world status. Elimination of global poverty still looks to me to be a more worthy goal than mitigating climate change and I do believe there is a large trade off between the two.

Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 1) 175

There is overwhelming evidence that Climate Change is real. The problem isn't the evidence, but your refusal (for whatever reason) to accept it. It's the exact same attitude as anti-vaxxers or anti-evolution people. The evidence is overwhelming, yet instead of accepting that the evidence exists and adjusting their opinions accordingly, they double-down on their pre-conceived notions because of some kind of emotional investment in what they believe.

Given that the GP stated that he accepts that climate change is real, do you have any relevant to say?

However, I agree with your main point. People need to stop fucking like rabbits. I see religion as being a serious factor in this, because most religions *insist* that people fuck like rabbits for "the greater glory of god" or some bullshit. The Catholic Church, for example, consider contraceptives to be Bad(tm).

Religion bashing. Ok.

We're eating this planet alive with our collective greed and self-obsession, and nobody seems to care. I hate to say it, but we *need* another world war to thin down the numbers.

And a pointless diatribe about the imaginary loose morals of humanity which are again irrelevant. A lot of people care, but they also care about other things which are in conflict with reversing climate change, such as doing good by the people alive now.

The real problem with climate change is that it is not the only problem we have. So obsessively focusing on it at the expense of everything else will result not just in making those other problems worse, but also not actually fixing climate change in a positive direction either.

For example, human fertility gets higher when people get poorer. So the many mitigation strategies out there that make people poorer will make future population higher. It's not going to be a win against climate change since you're making the overpopulation problem, which is the basic driver behind climate change, worse.

Blaming this on religion is silly. Most people aren't significantly religious. It's not the driving factor here though in some cases, it can contribute to the problem and sometimes it can help.

My view is to get rid of overpopulation, we need two things in particular: wealthy people and women who have equal rights to men. A lot of other stuff, such as democracy, rule of law, caring about environmental matters, and developed world infrastructure can follow from that.

Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 1) 175

The exact same sentence on say, Ars, would have been massively upvoted.

No one has been banned from Slashdot because they had the wrong opinion on climate change. I have on Ars Technica. Ars Technica is the real echo chamber.

Further, I guess I'm not alone in getting tired of idiots using the same irrelevant cliched statements. Sure, there are people who still don't believe in climate change, but why always assume the other party such? Give consideration to others and maybe you'll get some in turn.

Comment Re:Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 2) 249

Sociopaths gonna sociopath.

The problem with nonsense like this is that you completely ignore social dynamics. If I'm going to rob someone, would I rather rob someone who doesn't have a penny to their name or a rich person? If I'm going to scam someone, who's it going to be? You have time, think about it.

Rich people are targets for a fair portion of the general population while poor people aren't. Disengagement is a defensive mechanism against the sociopaths of society, not because somehow being rich is sociopathic.

User Journal

Journal Journal: As predicted ACA and insurance are incompatible.

An article in nytimes shows that millions of Americans choose not to pay insurance premiums but instead only get insurance coverage when they need it because the premiums are more expensive than government penalties of not buying insurance and because simultaneously the government forces the insurance companies to cover anybody regardless of any pre-existing conditions.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1012

Even when the US was in Iraq (before they got kicked out, before they were subsequently begged to come back when Iraq was being overrun by Daesh...),

I don't buy that the US was kicked out. That was political cover for Obama who apparently felt it was more important to be able to claim zero presence in Iraq in 2012 than to have a stable situation in Iraq in 2014. Even a token US presence would have acted as deterrent, stabilizing influence (the US is a fairly neutral party in the three way political split, for example), and training cadre.

Comment Re:Catastrophe for birds (Score 1) 320

Wind may appear renewable

Renewable doesn't mean that you can pull an infinite amount of wind power from Kansas. It means that you can keep using the resource without using it up. For example, wind is renewable because there's no danger that we can use up all the wind for good. As long as the Sun shines and the Earth has an atmosphere, there will be wind.

Comment Re:Hockey Stick is NOT the full story (Score 1) 375

What's important is not the source of the measurement (despite what the anti AGW crowd like to claim) but rather the accuracy and repeatability.

So the source of the measurement isn't a strong factor in the accuracy, repeatability, and precision of the measurement? Perhaps we should think about this before making such statements?

Comment Re:Sea level rise isn't the main problem (Score 1) 375

Most people don't think these sorts of things happen regularly, but glacial floods [wikipedia.org] have been seen in the earth's history (as long as you believe the earth older than 6000 years).

Those have a completely different mechanism. A glacier blocks off the course of a river and creates a large lake upstream. When overflow melts through or the glacier retreats then you have these glacial floods. They don't come from the glacier itself melting.

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