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Comment Only slow traffic short term (Score 2) 602

Does anyone remember when they first got their driver's license how they drove cautiously all the time because everything was new? I don't have any evidence but I suspect this line removal makes people drive slow in the short term because it's something they've never seen before. Once they get used to it I assume they'll go back to old habits.

Comment Would the same backlash happen against a man? (Score 1) 1374

Given the way the internet reacts to women saying things they don't like about video games and coding I wonder if a man had invented this instead of a woman would someone still have decided to retaliate against him by posting his personal information on line for people to give them trouble? Independent of whether the idea is a good one or not.

Comment Lack of Tactile (Score 2) 180

The worst is the lack of tactile inputs on the console because everyone wants to look 'futuristic!'. You can't just reach over and turn the radio off because you can't find the knob w/o looking. It's dangerous, and stupid. Put the physical dials back.

Comment Are you a girl? (Score 1) 608

Are you female? If you are not, then how do you know they aren't interested? If it's because they all say they do, have you asked them why? Do they even know why? Do you know why you do like to program?

I am a female programmer. I have been programming heavily for 14 years, starting with C during my senior year in high school (with some off and on summer camps and after school programs through grade school and middle school). I love programming. I love making a computer do what I want. I love making things.

I also love to sew for the same reason.

There are lots of reasons to love programming. Some of them are the same reasons why women like some of the other hobbies they currently enjoy. So what's different here?

As an aside, I avoided those programs for attracting women like the plague. I really hated them.

Comment Go Old School (Score 1) 337

My husband and I played a lot of turn-based strategy games.

Specifically, we played Heroes of Might and Magic II and III. (available on There isn't much storytelling here, but there's collaboration and exploration. I liked turn-based strategy games for long distance because there was no time pressure so we could be chatting about anything during the game - game related or not.

We also spent a lot of time playing Diablo II. If you want to go modern here, you could play Diablo III or Torchlight II. They're quicker, IMHO, than your average MMO.

Comment Re:Thought... (Score 1) 359

touch screen laptops were called "tablets" otherwise, what's the point?

I read that to specifically refer to capacitive screens that support touching the screen, as opposed to resistive/wacom tablets (The original TabletPC) that supported hi-res drawing/pen interactions as well.

If I have a touch screen anyway (I have a surface pro for the sketching on the wacom), then it's fun to play games with my husband on it - like mahjong. But that's all it is - a bit of amusement. I would never buy a laptop that had a capacitive screen - that's not a good interactive model for a laptop unless you're playing a game where you only need one or two fingers. The mouse is much quicker and more accurate than any touch screen interface I've seen. I love my resistive screen, but that's because I like to be able to draw wherever/whenever.

Comment No upgrading. Period. (Score 1) 464

I mean, I guess with dual GPU's you might not really want to upgrade the video card, as it would get quite expensive and they probably perform great to begin with.

If you get this, you better hope you don't want to upgrade the graphics card - there are no PCI-e slots for independent graphics cards. What you see is what you get.

Comment If in one of the traditionally 'fun' fields (Score 1) 656

I work primarily in computer graphics. My close friends/family mostly work in video games and simulators. I find that I need to understand advanced math a fair amount - Linear Algebra, Discreet Math, Graph Theory. My friends in simulators or the graphics of core games end up working on some pretty snazzy math problems as well. My family member that works in casual games only uses Trigonometry.

Comment Re:NoScript (Score 1) 572

I love NoScript but I find it causes too much confusion for people using my computer. Some email services don't handle being loaded through NoScript well (which I would say is a sign of a badly written email page people shouldn't be using but I can't dictate what email services my friends use...)

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