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Comment The cost to schools is gong to be heavy (Score 1) 308

Of the public schools I have worked in, in two states, their video libraries consisted of 90% VHS tapes.

Some valuable teaching tools (videos) are going to be really difficult to find on DVD, and a lot of them just won't be found.

I am not saying VHS should stick around, but as the format dies there will be a somewhat substantial loss.

I don't want to write an epic rely here, but you really ought to go into older high school's libraries to see what I'm talking about. Even if they have the tapes (which wear out eventually), not having VHS players that work is going to be an issue.


Microsoft Denies Paying Nigerians $400K To Ditch Linux 148

Da Massive writes "Microsoft has denied paying a Nigerian contractor $400,000 in a bid to retard Linux's movement into the government sector. Media reports alleged that Microsoft had proposed paying that sum to a government contractor under a joint marketing agreement last year, in order to persuade the contractor to replace Linux OS with Windows on thousands of school laptops. Although a joint marketing agreement was drafted to document the best practices for using technology in education, it was never executed, said a Microsoft regional manager for Africa. It became clear, he added, that one customer wanted a Linux OS."

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