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Comment Useful in some fields (Score 1) 67

In a few of the real estate offices I've worked with, Surfaces have become standard equipment. They primarily want Office, strong PDF support, and support of various proprietary features on websites. The latter two are especially useful, since a single contract, including cancellations, edits, drafts, etc. can normally take a full ream of paper. By going digital, they can save on the paper and toner. Most of them already have some degree of experience working with Windows systems, so the familiar interface is useful and the pen is much more intuitive to work with than signing with a finger. And, more importantly, looks like an actual signature/faxed signature which means it's trivial to get legally recognized, even if it doesn't go through an official e-sign service.

While it's not for everybody, there are definitely pockets where the Surface is popular and encouraged.

Comment Re:Honestly ... (Score 1) 342

That might not actually be stupidity-- I know a similar game that used to be available in some districts of the US where it would offer a preview of the next game and if you weren't an absolutely ignorant of how to play it, you could use that preview to determine if the next game was a winner.

The reason was that implementing such a system made it a game of skill ('ability to read the results' or something like that) rather than a game of chance, and thus permitted in that area.

Comment Re:Bullshit... (Score 1) 121

It's a bit of a fluff article, but there are certainly enough relevant examples of cell phone usage being an active element in improving the lives of 'rural farmers in 3rd world countries': http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/13/...

(Also, came across this article, which is a bit more recent and covers specific products: http://www.ventures-africa.com...)

Comment Re:Ever-Growing Accumulation (Score 1) 126

One may wish to consider the short story 'Ms Fnd in a Lbry', by Hal Draper. (http://folk.uio.no/knuthe/msfndinalbry.html)

Summed up, it's a report of an archaeological document discussing the collapse of a previous civilization due to information overload and how index upon index made it impossible to verify information and linkages if anything was ever misfiled... with the added addendum that the document in question appears to have a bad reference...

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