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Comment Is this review from 2009? (Score 2) 514

This isn't a review of the latest movie. Its just a rehash of the same arguments everyone had when the 2009 movie came out. News flash: its still not like the old trek you (think?) you knew and loved. Its still just an action movie in space. It still has lens flare. Its made by the same guy so why would you expect it to be any different?

If you do like action movies in space, Into Darkness is an excellent movie. Personally I found it very entertaining and worth the ticket price. (Although I thought the "KHAAAAN!!" moment was weak sauce compared to the original.)

Comment Re:this isn't really testing the hard part (Score 1) 248

The hard part is getting people onto some kind of platform that works and where friction and transaction costs don't eat all the money.

I think this is why microtransactions will never really take off. Part of the problem too is that sites are just too greedy. They want to get $5-$10 bucks out of you per month. I don't know how they can justify this since I'm pretty sure they're not getting anything even close to that from you from ads. What it should be is $5-$10 bucks per year - I wouldn't mind paying that (and they'd probably still be getting more money from you than from ads).

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 412

I checked the first few, didn't waste my time with the rest:

Sura 2:191: This is basically self-defence against those who wage war against you. I don't think anyone has a problem with that. It cannot be applied to all non-muslims as you are attempting to do.

Sura 5:33: This is basically capital punishment. Note that it applies to "those who fight GOD and His messenger, and commit horrendous crimes" - again, this does not apply to all non-muslims as you are attempting to do.

Sura: 8:12: This is about a specific battle (the battle of Badr) that occured where the muslims were outnumbered and god sent down some angels to help them. Again, not applicable to all non-muslims.

Sura: 8:60: Similar to the above. Again, not applicable to all non-muslims as you are attempting to claim.

I'm sure the rest are similar. If you really want to understand islam, I recommend you read the quran in its entirety along with some historical context.

Comment Re:Just as sure (Score 1) 407

It's generally the environmentalists yelling about global warming the loudest, and shortly thereafter telling everyone that the solution is to go back to living in caves (quite literally).

Can you back this statement up? From what I can tell, there are a few extremists in the environmental movement (as there are in any political movement) that might think this but you make it sound as if most environmentalists think this.

Comment Re:Google+ and Circles (Score 2) 274

If you want to talk about what's "mean" the only thing I don't like is that people can see who you have in your circles

You can change this: go to your profile, click on edit. People in your circles appear on the right hand side - notice that it highlights in blue when you mouse over it - click that area and you can change the visibility. Uncheck the box to turn visibility completely off, or you can choose to just show them to people in your circles.

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