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Comment Re:It's like watching ugly people kiss (Score 0) 306

Yo, WTF has apple done for software besides osx. What has yahoo? Apple develops hardware products, NOT software, if they developed software products they would have an open platform. The reason OSX is as nice as it is, reason because *ding* its not open. I consistently see apple for hardware innovations, pre-released hardware innovations at that! Not software.. Safari.. uhh great.. another handbag to deal with. The point being is that apple is so cool because its basically googles hardware company, and google is cool for some reason because they drive traffic through their search engine. The great thing is that google doesn't market their products, *at all*. Umm I stand corrected they do through apple.. All in all, I would put my beans in the people that know how to market, and be a real company yahoo.. Though yahoo doesn't know how to make *useful* products as google does. Its like yin and yang. Though I would still put my beans with the salesman, a research company with no salesman is still, *just a research company* [enter google].

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