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Submission + - How do I get AT&T to fix a change in 3G perfor

AmazinglySmooth writes: After 1.25 years of reliable 3G service from AT&T something changed. The 3G performance has degraded at my company's office to the point where my iPhone 3GS switches to Edge. The office is in downtown Austin, and I am not on the ground floor.

A few weeks ago I noticed (just after SXSW) that "E" started appearing on my phone while I sat through long meetings. To get 3G back, I found that cycling airplane mode would bring it back. I was able to confirm 3G by running the Speedtest.net app. Eventually 3G would return to Edge.

AT&T has worked through a trouble ticket with "no signal issues found", but despite my offers, they never came into my building. I'm also fairly certain they did not test the signal strength outside my building at a level equal to my floor. Instead of fixing the change in service, I had to endure the following trouble-shooting procedures despite two different iPhones having the same behavior: 1) change SIM card, 2) update firmware (from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3), 3) reset network settings, 4) reset all settings, 5) restore as new, and 6) replace phone. Now 3 different iPhones show the same performance.

What I would like from AT&T is for them to restore the service to the behavior from earlier this year and to inform me why I can get 3G performance after cycling airplane mode. Instead of these solutions, they have offered to cancel my lines ETF free. They, of course, won't buy my equipment back (3 iPhones).

How can I get AT&T to continue to work on this? What is the point of their 100-day upgrade marathon if it makes things worse?

Submission + - Comcast wins! (yahoo.com)

AmazinglySmooth writes: I wonder what good legal arguments can be made in favor of net neutrality? I understand the social arguments, but what are the legal arguments for it?

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